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Learn Photography: The Ultimate Photography Composition & Portrait Photography Masterclass

Learn photography from scratch, gain professional skills, and unleash your creative side with just one course!
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How to create a powerful composition
How to take professional portraits
How to work in different lighting
How to control the frame
How to develop a unique identity

Twenty years ago, it was rather common for each household to own a simple camera. Nowadays, most people over the age of twelve have one (or more) of their own. You don’t even have to buy a special device anymore: cameras come inbuilt in smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

It has been estimated that each year people take well over a trillion pictures! A lot of them might be casual everyday shots – however, the art of photography keeps on thriving as well.

For anyone who wishes to learn photography, this beginners' photography course online is a perfect choice. In almost twelve hours of informative video lectures, you will get a firm understanding of photography composition, framing, lighting, and all the necessary principles.

Photography: before and after

When photography was first invented, it was a luxury only the rich could afford. Cameras were rare and expensive, and the ones who knew how to operate them and develop pictures in their darkrooms were highly sought after because of their exceptional skills. An apprenticeship at a studio of a master was considered the best way to learn photography. Oh, how times have changed!

To start off with this beginners' photography course online, you will get to know the history of photography and the different schools of thought that divided the photographer community decades ago. Knowing where it all began, we will move onto the practical principles of photography.

Learn photography step by step

Photography is a visual language on its own. Naturally, to learn it, you need to start with your ABCs. In this beginners' photography course online, we will go through each critical concept, starting from simple ones and finishing with more complex principles.

To help you learn photography, I will first explain something you might already be familiar with: the light. Lighting can have a dramatic impact on the way your picture turns out. For you to be able to achieve the best results, we will discuss the three main controls of your camera, also known as the exposure triangle: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Following the informative lectures, you will learn to control, capture, and process light in your images.

Next, we will move onto the fundamentals of photography composition. You will learn all the best tips and tricks, such as applying the rule of thirds and the highest point of contrast. We will also discuss symmetry and leading lines. To learn photography composition means to understand how to lead the eye of the beholder exactly where you need it.

Stand out while staying behind the shot

As the cameras become more and more accessible and the complicated process of developing pictures has been eradicated, the numbers of wannabe photographers have grown immensely. To become successful, you need to develop something more: a unique identity.

In this course, we will see how you can create an individual style for your work. Classic and modern, formal and creative – we will review all the options. To better prepare for a professional career, you will also find out all the peculiarities of working in the studio and natural lighting. By the end of this photography tutorial, you will be able to finally unleash your inner artist!

Learn Photography: The Ultimate Photography Composition & Portrait Photography Masterclass
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