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Learn MATLAB From Scratch: A MATLAB Course for Beginners

A beginner-friendly MATLAB course, covering both the basics of how to use MATLAB and more advanced operations
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Various MATLAB concepts such as structures, tables, time tables, cells, and map containers
Learn from different applications of MATLAB when solving data science problems

MATLAB is short for matrix laboratory, a software application for performing various calculations, designing 2D, 3D or AI models, data science, creating user interfaces, and many other purposes. Before you can learn MATLAB, you need to download the software. One of the first things that you will need to choose is the package. 

The pricing will be explained in one of the sections of this Matlab course. Additionally, even if you do not have to have any prior knowledge about MATLAB, you can enroll in this course without any worries. My lessons are targeting beginners, which means I will be starting to explain this program from the very basics. 

What is MATLAB? 

In this MATLAB tutorial, we will be reviewing the possibilities and features of this program. Therefore, you should have some prior knowledge about what MATLAb is. Do not worry: this section should give you enough to learn MATLAB’s purposes.

As I have mentioned before, learning how to use MATLAB will open many doors for you. MATLAB can be used for performing various calculations related to data science. Furthermore, you will be able to visualize your data. Moreover, MATLAB can help you create artificial intelligence models and neural networks. Lastly, MATLAB can help you automate some tasks that you are tired of performing manually. 

In some cases, you might hear that MATLAB is described as a programming language. This fact is true: MATLAB is a fourth-generation programming language, which is a language designed for a specific purpose. After deciding to learn MATLAB, you will notice that it is different from general-purpose languages that can be used in various fields. 

Pricing options 

On the official website of MATLAB, it is stated that a perpetual license  from the standard package costs 2.000 euros. The annual price of the same package costs 800 euros. Of course, this MATLAB course does not require you to buy this package. You can get the free trial or more affordable options. 

The education package costs 500 euros (perpetual license), and the annual price is 250 euros. If you are planning to use MATLAB at home (not for government, academic, commercial, or other organizational use), you might buy the home package for 119 euros. 

Furthermore, if your school or other degree-granting institution requires you to use MATLAB, you can choose between the student license for 35 euros or get the student suite license for 69 euros. 

If you hesitate to spend money on the package before trying the application, we recommend that you download the free trial. For instance, download the free trial option for this course to learn MATLAB principles and see whether this program is for you!

What will you find in this course?

This course will help you learn MATLAB principles and start using it for your projects. I will begin by explaining the basic concepts such as the graphical user interface, common operations, management of variables, and the creation of scripts. After learning these things, you will know how to use MATLAB for more advanced operations. For instance, I will teach you to write more advanced mathematical functions and to import data. The further you go in the course, the more specific lessons become. Therefore, start learning with this MATLAB tutorial now!

Learn MATLAB From Scratch: A MATLAB Course for Beginners
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