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Learn Linux in 5 Hours and Level Up Your Career

Use the in-demand skills and learn Linux basics in this course to get promoted or start a new career as a Linux professional
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Learn the Fundamental Basics of Linux

So your boss has asked you to learn Linux in less than a week, unless you can kiss that job promotion goodbye. A lousy situation indeed! Now you’re sitting there thinking “how the hell am I supposed to learn a whole OS in a week..?”. Well, worry not, for you are indeed lucky to have stumbled upon this Linux course. After enrolling in this Linux tutorial, you will be able to learn Linux in five days, and in turn boost your career to new, unseen heights. Don’t believe me? Well, read on and see.

Why Learn Linux Basics?

A natural thing to enquire is why? Why should you spend your time learning Linux - nobody uses it anyway, right? Oh, no - that’s actually VERY wrong. As a matter of fact, Linux is actually extremely popular when it comes to operating systems - it just has very specific usages that, if you’re not interested in them, you might not have heard of. A lot of programmers and IT industry specialists use Linux on a daily basis, especially when it comes to work. However, even in those situations, why would you learn how to use Linux?

When compared to other operating systems (like Windows or Apple), Linux is seen as the super-safe, super-reliable alternative. The OS can be run on any and all hardware, making it probably the most flexible option for a lot of professionals out there. Furthermore, Linux is and open source OS - this means that anyone with the right skill set and expertise can pitch in and make the system run smoother, have more options to choose from, etc. The possibilities are limitless! People also want to learn Linux because of its stability - crashes, bugs and hackings are a rare sight.

Why This Course?

This is a “learn Linux for beginners” type of course. This means that if you have no idea of what Linux even is - that’s awesome! You’re the perfect target audience for the course! We will start from the very fundamental basics - no rushing or forcing dry theoretical information down your throat. Even though the Linux course will only take a week (at least that’s the optimal route), you will be able to take your time to understand every single detail. After all, what’s the point to learn Linux if you don’t understand anything in the process, anyway?

Another great feature that a “Linux for beginners” course possesses is that it’s a very smooth and enjoyable learning curve. There’s no use in forcing yourself to advance through the topics if you haven’t even had the ability to take in the introductory lesson. Also, we won’t bother with the super advanced stuff - that’s not what this Linux tutorial is about. Rather, we’ll take the extra time to explore all of the different ways how to use Linux on a beginners level. If you have a strong passion to learn new things (or if your boss REALLY needs you to learn Linux basics) - don’t waste any more time and start learning Linux as soon as possible!

Learn Linux in 5 Hours and Level Up Your Career
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