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Learn JavaScript from scratch: Make your websites interactive!

JavaScript fundamentals from the ground up to make any web applications dynamic and interactive: learn JavaScript and get ready for a promising developer or tester’s career
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You'll get an understanding of the fundamentals of JavaScript and how to integrate it with HTML and CSS
You'll practice with practical events on a web page
You'll learn how improve the performance of a code by debugging in browser
You'll be able to produce a clean and professional JavaScript code

Nobody likes static webpages. A proper website must respond to a typical user’s expectations of dynamics. We live in a day and age when websites can be anything from a masterpiece of dynamic art to a boring or inconvenient ditch of information. We don’t want to do the latter, so that’s why it’s important to learn JavaScript for any web developer. If there’s no JavaScript, there’s no interaction on the website. While learning web development, I will make a strong statement that examples matter the most. So, hop on this course to gain an understanding of JavaScript fundamentals and more advanced level tricks to build beautiful, dynamic and interactive websites.

Learn JavaScript for a promising career in web development

Almost any project that requires a user interface is using JavaScript or some other framework that has grown on the basis of JS. Any ideas, why has it grown so popular and is not showing any signs of decline? Experienced developers say that JavaScript is an easy to learn language with a gentle learning curve. The scope of using JavaScript is extremely broad since you can build an entire web application with it, just like a mobile app, for example. Over the years, JavaScript has formed one of the biggest developer communities out there. All these factors combined make JavaScript an attractive skill to learn when you consider career opportunities in programming. JavaScript experts are much-in-demand and generously paid.

What are you going to learn in this JavaScript tutorial?

When entering this course to learn JavaScript, you don’t need to have much previous experience with it. In fact, this course on JavaScript fundamentals is very beginner-friendly, and it will help you with tons of examples to go up the learning ladder from the very bottom to an in-depth understanding of how JavaScript concepts work.
Here are the main topics that we’re going to cover:

  • Introduction to JavaScript basics, including code editors, inserting JavaScript, etc.
  • You’ll learn a significant number of JavaScript functions, concepts, data types, variables, objects, arrays with great and practical examples.
  • You’ll learn JavaScript strings, functions, numbers, conditional statements.
  • You’ll know how to manage cookies.
  • You’ll be able to debug JavaScript code and play with HTML elements.
  • You’ll play around with existing code to improve it in simple ways.
  • You’ll get prepared to utilize window objects, screen, timing events, and history.
  • You’ll get experience with validating and submitting forms.
  • And there is much more that we’ll immerse in those more than 10 hours!
Knowing JavaScript will open broad opportunities for you

Your understanding of JavaScript functions will be useful in multiple ways. Knowing JavaScript strings and all the other concepts on your toolbelt, you’ll be ready for developing as well as for testing different kinds of applications. I’ve been working in the industry for more than 8 years now, and I’ve seen many successful careers of people with excellent JavaScript skills. So, waste no more time – learn JavaScript and bring interactivity and dynamics into any web application your hands will ever come in touch with! Enroll today to enjoy this JavaScript course with the greatest examples.

Learn JavaScript from scratch: Make your websites interactive!
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