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Learn HTML5 Fundamentals and Find Out How HTML5 Pages are Created

Learn HTML5 Quickly By Following Helpful Coding Examples
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How to create HTML5 pages
How to create semantic pages
How to use lists, images, links, tables, forms
How to use canvas, svg

Have you always wanted to learn HTML5, but never had the time? You were about to start, but you could not find an HTML5 tutorial that would interest you? Well, it's all about to change with this course!

You will go from beginner to an HTML5 pro. This course will provide you with all the basics you need to master HTML5.

What Will You Learn?

Starting with HTML5 element anatomy you will learn how to create the page structure, elements, and categories; what is Plunker overview; how to use the editor; create headings, paragraphs, quotations and comments, lists, images and links; what are figure and figcaption; how to use blocks div and span. Also more about tables, forms, media audio and video and even more.

You will dive deeper into a detailed overview of how HTML5 works. You will get and explore real HTML5 examples that will allow you to learn new concepts faster and better. You will go from beginner to advanced quicker than you might think is possible.

Why Learn HTML5?

In other words, what is HTML used for? What is HTML5?

Hypertext Markup Language revision 5 (HTML5), to put it simply, is markup language used for the structure and presentation of the World Wide Web (better known as WWW) contents.

You need to learn HTML5 because it is an essential part of every web page. From standard blogs to complex responsive websites - all are built using HTML.

Actually, without HTML no site would work. This code is what the internet is made of, and by learning HTML coding basics, you will become a cyber architect.

HTML was created a few decades ago, and now developers use HTML5, the newest iteration of the programming language.

Complete this tutorial, and you will know how to write clean and proper code, whether it's an app you are working on or a webpage. You will know how to integrate code that's been written in other programming languages into your own programs. You will know how to troubleshoot, write and test code efficiently and quickly.

Keep in mind that HTML5 specialists are in demand since they are necessary for any team of developers. Finish this course, and you will be able to join their ranks and be among the best of them!

How Long Does It Take to Learn HTML5?

With helpful HTML5 examples provided in this course and newly-gained HTML coding basics behind your belt, you will learn HTML5 in no time!

All you need is passion and a keen eye. You are at the start of your journey, and soon you will know what is HTML5 and how to best use it.

No doubt you wish to be a reliable and professional developer. Well, this is the perfect place to start. Since HTML5 forms the structure behind almost all web apps that surround you every day, you will be learning an extremely useful skill that can be applied everywhere.

You can finish this course in a day. Now think about what that means. Today you are a beginner. Tomorrow you will be a different person, equipped with the knowledge of HTML5. Will you make the right choice?

Start this tutorial and learn HTML5 in no time!

Learn HTML5 Fundamentals and Find Out How HTML5 Pages are Created
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