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Ethical Hacking Course: Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch

Learn ethical hacking from scratch and start your cyber security career today!
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What different types of hackers represent
How to improve the security of your own computer
How to help others find vulnerabilities in their systems

A lot of people get suspicious when they hear the term hacking. They associate it with criminal activity, harmful attacks, and stolen data leaks. They’re not wrong… To a certain degree.

There are actually three types of hackers, commonly known as black hat, grey hat, and white hat. The kind described above wears the darkest one, of course. A grey hat hacker means no harm – however, they don’t have permission to enter somebody else’s systems either.

Now the things white hat hackers do is called ethical hacking. Basically, the job of such a person is to make sure there aren’t any vulnerabilities in the system that a malicious hacker could use to enter it and cause harm. While it’s an extremely valuable skill, the number of professionals is still pretty low: you can still be one of the first to learn ethical hacking from scratch and discover how to protect yourself from such things as a bruteforcer or cracking WPA2 with Kali!

How important is web security?

As the importance of internet presence keeps getting more crucial for both businesses and individuals, malicious hackers are able to do more harm every year. A Clark School study at the University of Maryland shows over thirty percent of Americans are affected by cyber-attacks each year, as one happens every 39 seconds on average.

The risk also grows with the rising popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT). According to Symantec, there are now 250 connected devices for every thousand Americans. The more devices there are connected to a network, the higher the chance to find a weak spot. It’s not just your laptop that’s vulnerable now. It can also be your washing machine, Alexa, or FitBit.

Deciding to learn ethical hacking from scratch is not just a useful skill for your career. It can also help you understand how to keep your own devices and data safe from security breaches.

Why choose this course to learn ethical hacking from scratch?

Searching for an ethical hacking course online, you may find a lot of tutorials. How do you choose the best one? It’s rather simple. As you’re looking to learn ethical hacking from scratch and not just consolidate the knowledge you already have, you need a course that’s as extensive and detailed as possible.

With this ethical hacking course, you’re getting a whopping 27+ hours of quality video material. We’ll be using Python and C, so it would be great if you had some basics in these coding languages.

We will start with the basics, including the installation of the tools we’re going to be using and an introduction to basic commands. Then, we’ll move to more advanced topics, such as footprinting, scanning, and web penetration testing. I will explain to you how to create and test a backdoor in a system, how to use a keylogger, and all the other tips and tricks to need to understand to wear the white hat!

By going through this ethical hacking course online, anyone can learn ethical hacking from scratch and keep themselves and their employers safe!

Ethical Hacking Course: Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch
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