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Learn Ethical Hacking to Protect Networks From the Modern Malice

This ethical hacking course will equip you with detailed knowledge to deconstruct how hackers work: learn ethical hacking to join ethical hackers and penetration testers’ squad!
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You'll get the knowledge and tools to perform ethical hacking
You'll learn how to secure any computer network
You'll learn what is necessary for jobs in cybersecurity and penetration testing

Do you have the interest to learn about hacking inside out and then get the ability to secure any computer network? Learn ethical hacking from beginner to advanced level and become a confident penetration tester in this ethical hacking course! I worked hard to make all the lectures into effective practicals that will be easy to follow even for beginners. I’m going to present the tricks used by network attackers so you can understand how to take counteractions to defend your devices and networks. 

Learn ETHICAL hacking – not the malicious one 

To make sure we’ve gathered here for a virtuous purpose, I must warn you that anything you’ll learn is meant to serve for protecting networks and devices, not for harming them. Having the insider knowledge of how hackers attack systems, you’ll be a valuable person in many organizations. When you type ‘Penetration testing’ in Indeed’s job search line, it will hit a few thousand results. The industry needs ethical and conscious specialists to withstand malicious attacks these days. My ethical hacking online course can set you up to take one of these positions in the future. Devote a few days watching two lessons a day, and you’ll soon be equipped with a strong weapon to go into the battlefield, Captain! 

What are you going to learn in this ethical hacking course? 

This ethical hacking tutorial will get you from beginner to advanced level learning from an expert teacher. I’m going to lead the classes as step by step practicals, discussing every topic to the point, so you don’t get bored. Before we even start, we’re going to set up a lab to perform the attacks and practice. There are 14 sections in this course on your way to learn ethical hacking, so let’s have a brief overview of the main topics that we’re going to cover: 

  • We’re going to overview and deep dive into footprinting and reconnaissance using relevant commands. You’ll analyze domain and IP address with the right tools, perform network tracing, extract organization’s websites, and do much more. 
  • Network scanning section of this ethical hacking online course will enable you to master the necessary tools to spot vulnerabilities, gain and maintain access, and learn about proxy. 
  • Enumeration concepts (SMTP, SNMP, NTP, and others). 
  • Performing the actual system hacking: you’ll get a detailed understanding of how to exploit client-side vulnerabilities and escalate privileges. This part will also include password cracking and sniffing concepts, as well as spyware, image stenography, and lots of other important concepts. 
  • You’ll deconstruct how viruses, trojans, and worms work to be able to make them and fight them. 
  • You’ll learn how to get credentials information, how you can get the target system down for some time (denial of service). You’ll see how you can take control when the client communicates with the server-side. 
  • Investigating how a web server works, and then compromising and defacing it. 
  • Bypassing firewalls and making a stable and continuous connection with the target machine. 
  • Tips on SQL injections 

And many more crucial points that are necessary for you to learn ethical hacking. 

Take a role in cybersecurity to fight the bad guys 

Use this ethical hacking tutorial to fulfill your dream of fighting the evil forces on the internet. Deconstruct how hacking works, and then save networks and devices from spoiling. Learn ethical hacking the quick way, installing robust knowledge and practical advice in your brain. Enroll to begin! 

Learn Ethical Hacking to Protect Networks From the Modern Malice
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