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Learn Calculus easily until it becomes your second nature!

Learn Calculus and master it with an experienced lecturer who will show you its calculus limits and strengths to help you use it truly intuitively in any required situation!
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University students of Science and Engineering will practically improve their intuitive understanding of Calculus concepts
You’ll learn to apply Calculus concepts in real-life situations, and start making more sense of what you’ve already learned about Calculus at university or college (your studies will become much easier and clearer from now on!)
If you’re already using Calculus as a scientist or engineer, you’ll be able to apply it better in your work after filling the gaps you might have, so you can accelerate your successful career
You’ll get a solid mathematical basis that you can use anywhere in your work or studies

I want to help you master Calculus for engineers. There are two ways to learn Calculus: you can memorize all of its functions and actions that you can do with it, or you can understand it from the essence. The first method provides you with the knowledge that will dissipate once you stop using it. The second method will equip you with an ability to apply the potential of Calculus for engineers, even in situations that you haven’t learned anywhere. Because you will know how it works, so you’ll never forget how you may benefit from it in any given situation. My goal is to prepare you as a master of Calculus who understands it thoroughly and then can use it intuitively. Does it sound good? Then join in, and let’s get down to learning stuff!

Why do you need to take this course to learn Calculus for engineers?

First and foremost, I can’t stress enough how important it is to understand Calculus for engineers. So, once again, in this Calculus online course, you’re going to focus on the essence of it, and not just memorize a set of functions. I know there are many online courses you can choose from, and the delivery of information will vary greatly. My promise is that I can make Calculus a second nature for you. This Calculus online course is going to be both informative and practical – and fun.

I’ve used my Python skills to develop many simulations to back up my explanations. I’ve invested a lot of my time to bring a fantastic added visual value for my students. You know why? Because it’s fun! It’s fun to see how maths work. I can guarantee that no other course on Calculus does that. I’m sure it will aid you in your quest to learn Calculus easily to the level of using it intuitively. I’m an Aerospace & Robotics engineer, and in my exciting and long career, I’ve witnessed that in science and engineering, everything is based on Calculus. So I hope my experience will help you a lot!

What are you going to learn in this Calculus online course?

In my lectures, I’ll often start with a practical problem or question. I’ll test your thinking by asking you to solve the problem (with a paused video), and then we’ll carry on together to see my way of addressing those multiple problems. There’s a lot of value in getting stuck with a task, so I strongly encourage you to pause the video and do stuff on your own. That’s how I approach teaching, guys.

Among a massive number of topics that we’re going to cover (after all, it’s going to be a 31+ hours Calculus online course), I think the most valuable things that you’ll learn are these:

  • I’ll help you to improve your understanding of Calculus drastically. Yes, we’ll work on vector Calculus and Multivariable Calculus, but eventually, these topics will blend to achieve this primary goal.
  • You’ll learn Calculus easily and apply it in real-life situations. This Calculus for engineers course will help you understand all the other input that you’ve received on Calculus before.
  • I want you to experience as few Calculus limits as possible. We’ll work on filling the gaps you might have from your work with Calculus if you’ve already been using vector Calculus, multivariable Calculus, but haven’t experienced its full potential.
  • Also, I’ll guide you to learn Calculus easily for designing a PID controller. I’ll explain what PID is and all the backstage information about it. Plus, I’ll share the code.

So, lots and lots of benefits – you only need to be hungry enough to devour everything this Calculus online course has to offer!

Walk away with a strong intuition and understanding of Calculus for engineers!

You’ll be trained to apply Calculus in real life to a level not seen in other courses. You’ll find out about Calculus limits, however few, too, so you can genuinely make use of it in any situation. Let’s get started: learn Calculus easily!

Learn Calculus easily until it becomes your second nature!
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