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Learn Advanced Python Programming in 2020

Make Real World Applications and Machine Learning Models in Python
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Make Real Time Python Based Application in Python
Machine Learning based Application
Real World Examples for Understanding Each Advance Concept
Intuition Behind each Advance Concept

In this course, I will assume that you have the basic knowledge of Python and now you are looking to take your knowledge to an Advance Level. We will not only cover the advance level concepts but we will actually use it in real world examples and make real time professional Applications out of it. This course is only for those who want to learn advance level concepts and that they are now ready to make themselves professional in their field. We have made some real time applications as well so that you not only understand these concepts but you actually know how to make something real out of it. That way you will learn actually implement these advance level concepts. The slides actually explains the intuition of these concept.

Also Machine Learning is the future of the world and every application is getting upgraded to have some machine learning used in it and that is the reason we will also build Machine Learning models which gonna help us in making future decisions. The intuition part of each concept in covered in as much depth as it should be and then implemented in Python. Not only we will learn how to build the machine learning model in python but we will also learn how to make real time Graphical User Interface Templates so you know how machine learning models are made in industry..We also have covered the mathematics behind each and every machine learning model so that you know what is actually happening behind the scenes. And only that will make you a good data scientist and you will in the future know what other people are talking about for any machine learning model


I hope you gonna take a lot from this course...I wish you very best throughout your course.


Learn Advanced Python Programming in 2020
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