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Easy Way to Learn Accounting Fundamentals & Entrepreneurial Finance

A complete online accounting course covering both business accounting and finance topics for those who want to learn accounting step by step and get skills for managing company’s finances
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Understand the basic concepts in accounting
Get introduced with the key terminology
Preparing and analyzing financial statements
Forecasting and budgeting
Exit strategies

Easy way to learn accounting essentials for business and entrepreneurial finance, A to Z: find it all in one complete course. This online accounting course is a perfect fit for those running or working in startups and small businesses. Let me pour the knowledge into your brain and enable you to run your business and grow it over time successfully! From a basic understanding of accounting principles to raising capital and methods to cash out effectively – I’ll share my CFO’s experience and MBA’s theoretical knowledge with you.

Choose the right way to learn accounting online

In my more than 15 years’ experience in business accounting and finance, I’ve seen a lot of how people try to learn accounting step by step. When you’re learning, you want to learn from someone who’s been there rather than from a teacher who has no direct contact with real business. Those people will likely bombard you with lots of textbooks and fancy jargon, so you’ll end up spending hours trying to make sense of what they say. I choose a different way and make sure you follow me right from the beginning. I’ll make sure you feel comfortable with new terms and concepts, taking the time to explain things from the start.

Finance and accounting are two different things related to money management. This means you have to learn accounting step by step to ensure that you keep a correct record of all financial transactions and that all financial statements are accurate. To be a valuable part of the company, you’ll also create value by managing capital so that the earnings are higher than expected risk-adjusted returns. This accounting course will also prepare you to focus on insights and analysis to help you figure out how to add value to companies that you’ll deal with.

Easy way to learn accounting online

This online accounting course will help you find an easy way to learn accounting basics and about company finances in the following structure:

  • You’ll gradually build your knowledge in this finance and accounting course, starting from accounting basics and terminology, moving to financial reports, and methods of generating them. You’ll find out about what goes into what categories. Then you’ll spend time making sense of financial statements and analyzing them.
  • You’ll build a much better understanding of how costs are created and accumulated.
  • Budgeting and forecasting will also be essential topics so that you become ready to prepare and forecast the budget accurately.
  • We’ll also talk about important things like going public and raising capital. There’s not much information about that available. I’ll walk you through those topics providing the correct information in terms of what, who is involved in those processes, how much they’ll cost you, etc.
  • Exiting strategies are crucial for investors; that’s why we’ll cover types of those strategies and other related essentials.

It might seem like a lot to grasp in one course to learn accounting online at first, but we’ll have enough time for that. I’ll also include PDF files so that you can spend some time studying on your own to sink the ideas and concepts even deeper.

Time is of great value. Make your time worth it!

Set your time budget wisely and choose an easy way to learn accounting essentials in one course from an experienced teacher. Get reporting skills and also learn to predict the future and budgeting accordingly. This is a great place to start from the beginning, and for those who want to expand their existing knowledge in a complete online accounting course about finance and accounting. Sign up today.

Easy Way to Learn Accounting Fundamentals & Entrepreneurial Finance
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