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fundamentals of 3D modelling.
Designing with SolidWORKS Features
Sketching in Solidowrks
Creating assemblies from parts.
Introduction to top-down design methods.
Solidworks hot-keys.
Solidworks Toolbox add-in.
Solidworks Material Library


SOLIDWORKS is used to design pretty much anything that should be manufactured

  • airplanes
  • cars
  • CNC machined components
  • the screw on the left
  • plastic components
  • your computer box
  • the mouse you’re probabley using
  • the chair you’re probably sitting on

SOLIDWORKS is known as the No. 1 3D application in the manufacturing industry right now! By taking this course you’ll set yourself on the right track for your next step in a design career.

Why you should not take this course?

  • Because you are not intrested in design for manufacturing.
  • Because you are a digital artist who creates 3D objects which will never leave the digital world!

Why you should take this course?

  • Because you are either a mechanical, electrical or a chemical engineer
  • you are thinking of becoming a designer in manufacturing world like my friend Wade does 
  • Because you are already a designer but want to switch to SOLIDWORKS as your main CAD tool
  • you’re interested in 3D printing

Why you should you pick me as an instructor?

I am a SOLIDWORKS research partner, this is different from an expert in the field. it means I have a black belt in SOLIDWORKS. I change it, the way I want! I make it do things that other designers struggle to sort out! This course is about basics but it’s better to learn them from a verified partner.

Besides! 1700+ students have already enrolled. they are from Canada, India, Spain, USA and many more countries. They’re all happy with the results!

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