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A Complete Leadership Course: Become an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

How to work with and manage the emotional climate of your team to build trust and develop relationships.
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Discover ways of working with emotional intelligence that lead to better outcomes with the people that you are responsible for
Explore behavioral preferences and how to work with others with different preferences
Determine how people would benefit from a coaching approach in changing circumstances h
Examine your mode and style of leadership and what you need to do to get the most out of difficult situations
Recognise the importance of conflict and how you can work with it to build relationships

People often wonder about the skills, personality traits, and attitudes that excellent leaders possess. Is it their charisma or their ability to manage conflict and disputes between colleagues that differentiates them from poor laeders?

In this leadership course, I will be taking a look at the relationship between a respectable, passionate, and inspiring leader and emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence refers to your ability to recognise and manage emotions - yours and other people's. In addition to regulating your personal feelings, emotional intelligence refers to the ability to develop interpersonal relationships authentically and empathetically work with the emotions of others.

This course highlights the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership.  Within leadership, emotional intelligence helps with your focus on various personal capabilities, such as empathy, introspection, self-management, relationship management, and so on.  Besides having all the technical qualities and experience for a specific job, leaders must also have the necessary emotional intelligence to engage people and manage their teams. 

What is emotional intelligence? 

In this leadership course, I cover ways to develop emotional intelligence.  By definition, emotional intelligence is the ability to control and manage emotions that you or others experience.  Emotional intelligence in leadership will support a peaceful and fair resolution of arguments and conflict around issues, and the use of various strategies to motivate people to make them feel valued members of the team. 

What makes a good leader?

One of the main criteria for evaluating leaders is their teams’ performance.  In this leadership course, I will help you to explore the main attributes of a successful leader and to determine what you need to do to become one.  Good leaders have a wide range of competencies to draw upon.  They are skilled professionals in their field and take steps to expand their experience and knowledge to encompass emotional intelligence. This means that they are self-aware, with the ability to recognise their strengths and limitations and work with these appropriately. 

What is an emotionally intelligent leader?

Emotional intelligence in leadership can take many forms. This leadership course will help you to investiagte various ways to become an emotionally intelligent leader who can inspire people to be productive and motivated to perform their tasks. 

First of all, I am going to demonstrate some communication patterns that good leaders should follow. A good leader will know how to make their team members avoid over-committing themselves, and know how to support and encourage contributions from team members without causing them stress. This emotional intelligence and leadership course will introduce you to the ways to become more self-aware and adapt around behavioral preferences that will influence your team positively. 

What will you find in this course? 

In this leadership course, I encourage you to develop and enhance your emotional intelligence, which will result in you becoming a better leader.  I cover ways to learn how to develop emotional intelligence in environments that are considered to be VUCA - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.  In addition, I will explain the relationship between IQ and EQ and demonstrate how EQ is equally important for reaching your personal goals. 

You will experience a range of emotions at work. At times, they might be challenging to manage. Emotionally intelligent leaders manage their emotions well to ensure that they do not explode with anger or have any other emotional outburst that may damage long term relationships.

This emotional intelligence leadership course investigates different styles of leadership that you can adopt in variety of challenging circumstances.  The leader sets the vision, the climate, praises people, and disciplines them as appropriate depending upon the situation. The leadership course explains management vs. leadership, and the impact that different leadership modes and styles will have on your team. 

A Complete Leadership Course: Become an Emotionally Intelligent Leader
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