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Simple JavaScript Projects For Beginners: Get Excellent Skills On The Fly!

Understand and learn the JavaScript basics from zero and then apply your new skills building simple JavaScript projects for beginners
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You'll understand the core JavaScript Syntax and Building blocks
You'll be building real-world JavaScript applications
You'll gain a more in-depth understanding of DOM and tools to avoid problems
You'll start your journey for getting your dream job
You'll get a JQuery Starter Kit as a BONUS

Welcome to the JavaScript basics course! If you think about learning JavaScript syntax and building blocks, creating real-world websites or applications, then you don’t have to look any further. This course is going to make you familiar with simple JavaScript projects for beginners. We’ll start from the basic understanding of JavaScript to learning how to build things with JavaScript entirely from the ground up. Be my guest! 

Analyze simple JavaScript projects for beginners to achieve success 

In my personal experience, and when involved in discussions with other instructors, I realized that before taking the actual steps of learning JavaScript basics, you first need a proper introduction. Ability to understand JavaScript will not evolve naturally for all students, that’s why I have planned my JavaScript course in a way that will help you to understand the core concepts first, and only then move to learning. Otherwise, students can get bored because it’s too difficult to learn. We’ll have a look at simple JavaScript projects for beginners and discuss the essentials, and only then move to further parts learning to build beginner JavaScript projects ourselves. 

JavaScript is a powerful language that many programmers have used to add life to websites and other applications. I would go as far as saying that JavaScript courses should be made mandatory for any programmer on the world because of all the functionality it offers in building quality web and server applications. If you take a look at job listings today, you won’t be surprised to find so many offers for experienced JavaScript developers. Well, this course with simple JavaScript projects for beginners might be your first step to conquer one of those sweet spots in the industry! 

What are you going to learn in this course? 

This course is suitable for complete beginners who want to learn JavaScript with projects. Having HTML and CSS basics is enough to enroll and start learning as long as you have a passion for getting new exciting skills. So, if you’re an aspiring developer or web designer, you’ll benefit a lot from learning JavaScript basics with me! 

  • I’ll introduce you properly to JavaScript so that you feel comfortable and excited to start learning. You’ll be able to get all the software as we go along in this course, so no need to prepare. 
  • You’ll play with website content using JavaScript and learn to make modifications, hide content, etc. 
  • You’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the building blocks in JavaScript, such as variables, arrays, functions, conditionals, loops, and operators. 
  • You’ll learn the necessary objects in JavaScript – number types, date objects, string objects, etc. 
  • You’ll then go more in-depth into understanding and learning DOM (Document Object Model) and receive a bundle of necessary coding files. 
  • You’ll get a solid preparation with JavaScript events and know how to tackle user interface.
  • Learning all the above, you’ll work on your own beginner JavaScript projects so that none of the theory slips through without integrating it into practice. 

BONUS: Just because you decide to enroll in this course, I’ll help you learn an additional and precious skill which is… JQuery! 

Learn JavaScript with projects on the fly! 

The mode of presenting the information, the length of this course are designed in a way you can get JavaScript on your toolbelt on the fly! Understand, learn, and start coding from zero in this course on simple JavaScript projects for beginners. See you inside! 

Simple JavaScript Projects For Beginners: Get Excellent Skills On The Fly!
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