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Learn JavaScript. Quick Course for Beginners

Fast Paced JavaScript Introduction course designed to get you started quickly - Core fundamental JavaScript Syntax
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JavaScript Fundamentals
Applying JavaScript in a project Game
Core JavaScript Skills

Perfect course to have a quick start or refresher to JavaScript.  Fast Paced JavaScript Introduction course designed to get you started quickly - Core fundamental JavaScript Syntax

Warning this is a fast paced courses covering a lot of concepts quickly!  - Source code is included and its suggested that you try the code between the lessons to get more familiar with it.

Several students asked for a quick refresher on the core concepts of JavaScript - this course delivers just that.

Code samples and explanations on what the code does - and demos of the code in the browser.

Course covers

adding JavaScript to your HTML page
Running JavaScript code in your browser
Variables and assigning values
Functions and running blocks of code
Arrays and Objects - how to hold multiple values in one variable
Loops and iterations
Conditions and ternary operator to apply logic within coding
DOM - selection of elements from the webpage
DOM - adding event listeners like click to page elements
Create a GAME at the end - last 2 lessons you can apply what you learned to create a fun dice roll game.

Apply what you learned create your own version of the game

Dice rolling game see who wins - display results on the webpage.  Create dynamic page content and page interactions with event listeners.

Step by step learning - everything you need to create YOUR OWN VERSION OF THIS GAME!!!!

Taught by an instructor with many years of REAL WORLD web development experience - READY to HELP YOU LEARN

What are you waiting for - you have nothing to lose!!!

Source code is included step by step so you can copy the code try it out and get a feel for what JavaScript is doing.

Learn all the basics of JavaScript, setting variables, functions, arrays and objects, loops, conditions and the DOM


Learn JavaScript. Quick Course for Beginners
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