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Create Your Own Simple JavaScript Calculator using JS, HTML and CSS

JavaScript calculator code: use and improve your current skills in JavaScript, HTML and CSS learning how to make a calculator in JavaScript
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You'll build a simple calculator using JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Building a simple Javascript calculator, you'll turn your skills into a tangible object with visible functionality in no time! Learn how to make a calculator in JavaScript, fix the common problems, add a desirable design, et voila – you've built your own calculator!

How will you benefit from building a simple JavaScript calculator?

To go forward to developing your basic JavaScript, HTML and CSS skills, you might need to switch off the lights and make the beds before you leave the house. A project as simple as making a JavaScript-HTML-CSS calculator will allow you to have a good practice with your current skills. At the same time, dig deeper with your understanding of what the programming languages entail for practical use. Getting more knowledgeable with JavaScript, you'll soon reap the fruits which are plenty.

Why's JavaScript so valued in the industry and among the developers? Well, first of all, it's everywhere. Jeff Atwood, the co-founder of StackOverflow, has put it in a simple phrase, "Everything that can be written in JavaScript will be written in JavaScript." It's been working in web browsers since 1995. Yes, JavaScript is de facto language of the web. Any browser has it, which means you don't have to take pains setting up a special environment, downloading/installing code editors, compilers, etc.). It's probably one of the reasons that make JavaScript the most used programming language in the world (used by 85% of full-stack devs, for example). Another great advantage is that JavaScript is easy to learn if you learn properly. Also, there's an abundance of jobs for JavaScript specialists offering a high pay rate (around $95k in the US on average). So, starting with how to make a calculator in JavaScript can actually propel you into a profitable career!

What are you going to learn in this JavaScript calculator code course?

The main reason that makes this course so attractive is that it's project-based with a clear outcome. You'll build your own JavaScript calculator (or HTML calculator, or CSS calculator, if you prefer, as you'll also use HTML and CSS in combination with JavaScript). The course is divided into 4 sections to help you learn how to make a calculator in JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Calculator that will do essential functions properly.

  • The first section is there to help you download and install Notepad++ which we'll use in this project. It'll make our work easier.
  • In the second part, you'll work on coding the basic functionality for your simple JavaScript calculator. You'll be using the form tag, building its display and create the buttons + their features.
  • You'll fix several standard problems which occur when building a calculator in the third part of this course. For example, hitting several + in a row should be treated as one, or if hitting + and - should leave the last pressed button active. I will show you the JavaScript calculator example on how to make this easily.
  • Finally, you'll build design for your creation using CSS (adjusting the margin, button size, font size, colors, etc.).
Improve your skills quickly

This simple JavaScript calculator code tutorial is only 38 minutes long, so it'll take less than an hour for you to complete your project from the ground up. Creating your own JavaScript calculator example is an excellent opportunity for you to practice with your current skill set, learn a few valuable tips, and use them in a context. Complete a simple JavaScript calculator example project that will add to your experience (and your portfolio!). Wait no longer and sign in to start learning!

Create Your Own Simple JavaScript Calculator using JS, HTML and CSS
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