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JavaScript Crash Course For Beginners: Learn JavaScript Basics

Accelerate your dev career with JavaScript basics among lots of practice and minimized load of theory in this JavaScript crash course for beginners
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You'll practice with variables and data types
You'll study arrays and objects basics
You'll build an understanding in operators and conditions
You'll tap into loops and functions

If you find yourself asking if it’s worth learning JavaScript today, the answer is simple: Yes. JavaScript is virtually everywhere, and it’s growing fast with a stable community, robust ecosystem and job opportunities. JavaScript has been and will be the most popular choice for front-end web development. Take time to learn JavaScript basics, and I’ll make sure to provide you with the best way to learn JavaScript in 24 hours.

Should I learn JavaScript today?

JavaScript is a front-end programming language used to develop interactive front-end applications. When a pop-up appears after you click a button, this is created with JavaScript. The ways to utilize such skill are just limitless these days. Google uses JavaScript for programming Gmail, Docs and Sheets, so this already says quite a lot to anyone who’s about to learn JavaScript basics. Using this programming language, for example, sometimes it takes just a few lines of code to make simple features (such as message notification) work to refresh separate parts of a screen instead of reloading the whole page. Simple things intelligently done.

What’s in the JavaScript crash course for beginners curriculum?

This course on JavaScript basics is full of essential bits that you need to master for your successful front-end developer’s career. The best way to learn JavaScript in 24 hours is to cover those bits in detail right from the beginning. So, what does my course look like?

I invite you to take this JavaScript crash course for beginners if you don’t have much experience with JavaScript language, or if you’re a complete beginner. You only need to be able to use text editors and browser console. This will be a Level 1 course on JavaScript basics, the first step on your road. My idea is to explain this programming language from beginning to mastery and bring your attention to the practical aspects wasting no time and money on excess theories. This is the fastest way to kickstart with JavaScript. We’ll start with such fundamentals as storing data or declaring multiple variables. You’ll hear me talking a lot about JavaScript data types (strings data, numbers data, boolean data, etc. will soon enter your daily vocabulary) and language elements such as JavaScript operators (arithmetic operators, assignment operators, logical operators, to name a few). The quest on mastering JavaScript basics will continue with studying functions, parameters, returning values, looping types, and much more. In other words, we’ll cover more than JavaScript operators and JavaScript data types. Quite many specific terms, but you’ll see how smoothly you should be able to merge them all into one valuable skill.

Build confidence by learning what you lack

If your palms start sweating when you’re asked to build something with JavaScript, and if you feel uneasy when you can’t perform to your team’s expectations, one smart decision is to learn JavaScript basics. You’ll make your front-end much more alive spending less time than usual with other programming languages. JavaScript is almost a must at any tech company these days, so you better get this skill on your toolbelt ready for action. Start with this JavaScript crash course for beginners, and I’m sure you’ll make the right first steps on your path to succeed in your dev career. Join in!

JavaScript Crash Course For Beginners: Learn JavaScript Basics
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