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Java Rest API automation from scratch

Develop a deep understanding of Java Rest API automation in this detailed tutorial studying real-time Java Rest API examples from Twitter and Google
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By the end of this course, you will have develop a understanding of Rest API automation frameworks
You'll deepen your understanding with great realistic examples

Looking for one single course that will equip you with everything you need to know in relation to Rest API automation and manual testing? Good. Because I’ve prepared a detailed and complete Java Rest API tutorial for you to learn all that you need about Java Rest API in one place. No more browsing and wandering around in circles. You’re in the right place to get a solid understanding of Rest API testing – automated and manual – with real-time examples from Google and Twitter. Get the skills to build a complete framework from scratch! Come in.

Java Rest API automation is trending

Today, any product of some company might have a website, and it will Rest APIs in most cases. Websites use Rest APIs to communicate with the back-end. Even if there’s no UI, I’d say there is a 90% guarantee that the company will have APIs. API is more stable than UI automation, and Rest APIs are super fast.
That’s why Java Rest API automation is trending at the moment, and it’s a hot skill to acquire!

People try to automate as many scenarios as possible. There are more and more job board listings with offered positions, so as the demand for Rest API experts grows fast, you may also expect a generous pay!

What makes it worth to join this course?

Firstly, this Rest API tutorial is suitable for a wide range of users – from complete beginners to more experienced. We’ll start every topic from scratch, but will gradually evolve to more advanced concepts which can be new even to experienced in Rest API testing. The course will be full of practical Java Rest API examples. You’ll get more than 25 hours of unique content supported with code example files.

There will be 49 (!) sections in this Java Rest API course so that you’re backed up in all the necessary aspects. By saying “all the necessary aspects,” I mean that you’ll learn whatever is necessary to automate Rest APIs and TestNG. Before you learn how to automate Java Rest API, you’ll need to be able to do that manually, so we’ll learn that using Postman client. After that, you’ll go to automation using Rest Assured. You’ll be implementing the complete framework from scratch. My goal is to show how the industry works in running testing suits.

I must also mention that you don’t need to buy and install any special software before you enroll in this course. We’ll install all the required software for Windows and Mac at the beginning of this course. Also, we’ll cover plenty of real-time examples from Twitter and Google APIs. You’ll find all code files and documents attached to this course. I’ll be available for any queries and questions you may have, so this is going to be an exceptional Java Rest API course for you guys.

All the benefits in one complete course!

Your main takeaways from this course will be a complete and detailed understanding of Rest API automation using Rest Assured libraries. This course is not a quick run over the surface – no. You’re going to sit with me for over 25 hours and get deep into the subject with the best Java Rest API examples. So, grab your cup with a steaming beverage and lock yourself out to absorb the information deep into your brain. Click to start learning now!

Java Rest API automation from scratch
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