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Introduction to Java For Testers: Learn Basic Java Programming

Learn Java for Selenium WebDriver and other test automation tools: basic Java programming for testers
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Basic Java for Selenium WebDriver and other test automation tools
Main Java concepts for testers
Advanced Java concepts for obect-oriented programming

Java programming might seem complicated at first. That's usually because a lot of courses focus on not practical details, assuming that everybody who is learning Java wants to create an application. But there are other uses for Java! And this Java for Selenium tutorial approaches a different, quite specific topic: we will focus on Java concepts that are mostly used for test automation tools. So if you are looking for an introduction to Java for testers, you have come to the right place!

Absolute Java basics

You don't have to know anything about Java programming before you start this course. We will start from the absolute Java basics for Selenium, and step by step, you will know everything there is to know about Java for Selenium and test automation. Quick note: we do not cover information about Selenium WebDriver or other tools, we will be talking only about Java.

So, what you will learn about Java?

  • First, you will need to download Java to your PC or Mac and enable it so you could start programming. We will need a few other tools as well: Maven and Eclipse. You will learn how to download and install them in this Java programming course.
  • Then we can move on to the basic Java concepts. You will learn about strings, classes, methods, static keyword, conditional statements, and loops. Like it was said before, this is an introduction to Java for testers, so the amount of theory is limited. That means that you will get specific information that you can use and not an abundance of not needed rules.
  • What kind of course doesn't have practical exercises? In this Java for Selenium tutorial, you will have to work with strings and reverse characters. Try to solve these yourself before you look for the solution in the videos.
  • After the exercises, you will be ready for more advanced Java concepts. You will learn about object-oriented Java programming concepts.
  • Lastly, you will find out about the collections framework.

As you can see, this introduction to Java basics for Selenium tutorial doesn't have a lot of unnecessary information. It is straight and to the point to make it as useful for you as possible.

A different approach: Java for testers

Java can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used for app development, back-end programming, and, of course, testing. The latter choice is excellent if you don't want to be the one creating the leading applications, or you want to get into the developers' world with a different approach.

But why should you learn Java programming for testing? Each software needs testing: when you are writing code, you cannot be entirely sure it will always work as you want. The only thing you can do is test it in various circumstances. By using Java, you can build a powerful test automation framework. Java is especially the right choice if you are making a framework for Selenium WebDriver GUI automation.

Not everybody wants to write applications: some people want to "break" and test them. This introduction to Java course is precisely for those people. Learn Java for testers today!

Introduction to Java For Testers: Learn Basic Java Programming
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