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Java for Dummies: Learn Java Programming Basics

Java for Beginner Developers That Mixes Theory and Practice!
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How Java programming & object oriented concepts work
How to write and compile simple computer programs
Java basics

In this Java for dummies course you will learn all the main concepts you need to know to begin coding in Java language (with a strong emphasis on object-oriented design). You do not need any prior programming knowledge to start, only your enthusiasm and willingness to learn are required!

What Will I Learn?

This Java tutorial will bring you 10 hours of content, divided into 115 lectures and presented in an easily digestible form.

You will learn Java basics, the fundamentals and in the end, you will have a firm grasp on the concepts behind object-oriented programming. Furthermore, each lecture ends with a practical task. That means you will be able to apply and test your newly gained knowledge immediately. A mix of theory and practice is the best way to learn anything, especially a new programming language.

In this Java tutorial, you will start with installing the Java Development Kit and go through Java variables, operators and the best ways to use them. You will create objects and classes and in doing so establish a strong understanding of object-oriented programming.

Java for Beginners That Takes You To The Next Level

After you have mastered Java basics, you will learn to program flow control. To learn Java, you will have to master “for loops” and conditional “if-else” statements, which will add complexity and additional functionality to the programs you code.

When you complete this course, you will be able to create useful and functional Java programs. In other words, this Java for dummies will eventually make you a Java coder!

You will get code samples and working files, and you will work through each concept, gaining new skills in the process.

Why Take This Course

In this Java for dummies course, you will learn Java fundamentals. But what does that mean?

Well, Java is a very powerful and useful tool. And you will have a great command of it. It’s easy to learn Java, it has excellent documentation and it is the base of all other object-oriented programming languages. So Java is just the beginning of your journey.

Java is a universal programming language and can be used to program almost anything. From apps on your phone to apps for the financial service industry, from Java web applications to software tools – Java is everywhere.

For example, a lot of useful software and development tools have been written and developed using Java language. For example - IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, and Netbeans IDE. Moreover, Hadoop and other big data technologies also use Java in various forms (for example, Apache's Java-based HBase and ElasticSearch).

Therefore, after you learn Java for dummies, you will not only have a strong background and be able to code, but you’ll be able to take up other programming languages. This course will open up doors to Ruby, C++, C#, Pascal and other languages.

Enroll in this course and start learning Java for dummies!

Java for Dummies: Learn Java Programming Basics
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