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日本文化艺术专题 | Japanese Culture and Art

本课程用人类文化学的视角深入剖析日本独特的十三种传统艺术:雕塑、雅乐、大和绘、能乐、狂言、庭园、茶道、花道、浮世绘、歌舞伎、煎茶道、香道、礼仪。| Learn about traditional Japanese art including sculpture, Yamato, Ikebana, Kabuki and much more.
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该课程讲授13种日本传统艺术,教学内容主要分为16个部分。在讲授十二个部分的主要内容之外,主讲教师滕军还结合自己科研的最新成果和此领域的最新研究成果,阐述对日本艺术的独特的思考和归纳。还适时地用讨论的方式讲授日本传统艺术对其现代艺术的影响,如对现代日本漫画、日本动画片、日本现代雕塑、日本现代音乐的影响。并启发学生去独自地思考分析日本艺术的特色。 In this art course, you will learn about 12 kinds of traditional Japanese art: Incense lore Ukiyo-e Extravaganza Japanese garden art Noh Kabuki Yamato Gagaku Sculpture Yamato Ikebana Kabuki Professor Teng Jun combines her latest achievements in scientific research and the latest research in Japanese art to elaborate on the thinking and unique induction of this art. You will also learn about the influence of traditional Japanese art on modern art through timely discussions, such as the impact of modern Japanese manga, Japanese animation, Japanese modern sculpture, and modern Japanese music. You will be inspired to think and analyze the characteristics of Japanese art independently.
日本文化艺术专题 | Japanese Culture and Art
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