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Invisible Editing With Nuke and After Effects: Add Those Subtle Effects

Get hands-on experience with invisible VFX and learn how to perform successful invisible editing with Nuke and After Effects
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How to do compositing in Nuke for invisible effects
How to use Nuke for simple and advanced compositing of live-action shots with invisible effects
How to apply basic and advanced techniques in invisible VFX compositing

Movies infused with visual effects are taking over the universe, and it's not just Marvel getting all the fun. While we might be reasonably familiar with the explosive and jaw-dropping computer-generated effects, invisible editing could be like something we missed in class. While some visual effects strike you as computerized imagery, invisible VFX refers to a more subtle way of altering the final scene. For instance, consider the contrast between a monster chasing the main hero, and the modification of the scenery seen outside the window. Which is more delicate? 

Compositing software can vary from studio to studio. However, I have found that one of the best combinations that you can use is Nuke and After Effects. Therefore, these tools will be used for the practice in this course.

Invisible VFX: Hollywood's best-kept secret!

Standard visual effects, or the ones we expect to see in movies, seem realistic and fit into their environment, but viewers usually have a hunch that they are computer-generated. While specialists can brag about creating the effects in the Marvel universe, the representatives of invisible VFX have a more difficult time boasting about their work. Therefore, they often do not get as much recognition as the artists of visual effects that make viewers gasp. 

However, invisible editing is a crucial part of the development of any film or TV series. They also tell a story and contribute to the atmosphere of the final product we see on the screens. Furthermore, invisible cut editing can require a lot more skills since they are meant to be invisible. Therefore, implementing successful invisible visual effects means that viewers watch a specific scene and have no idea that the scene might have been drastically modified to serve the purpose of the show or film. 

Tips and tricks for that subtle, invisible editing

Sometimes the heavy-duty visual effects are necessary for a film. Let's say the storyline leads the main character to several creatures from another galaxy. Then, we call for some intense visual effects. However, there might be cases when a Christmas movie requires the artist to add some snow. In the latter situation, we need to apply the invisible cut editing to make it seem that the snow has actually covered the earth. 

In this Nuke and After Effects compositing tutorial, I will let you learn and acknowledge the subtle craftsmanship of the artists that do invisible editing. While everyone is more likely to go bonkers for flashy effects, I like adding delicate components to scenes and make them appear seamless. If you want to learn this artistry, I invite you to this course! 

Why should you choose this course?

I believe that my expertise from the movie industry has given me the perfect opportunity to share my knowledge with the upcoming artists. It might be challenging to find useful and straightforward resources to learn invisible editing. I will not only teach you about invisible editing but help you build skills to add successful invisible effects to scenes. After sticking with me throughout this After Effects compositing tutorial, you will be on the right path to becoming a real visual effects ninja! 

Invisible Editing With Nuke and After Effects: Add Those Subtle Effects
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