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Introductory Statistics: A Slacker's Guide

A Practical Approach To Statistical Methods
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Basic Tools To Understand Statistical Applications In Varied Fields
Business/Finance: Build a Foundation
Politics: Understand what those polls ACTUALLY mean
Sports: You would be surprised how much you can predict in sports with a little math!

Welcome to A Slacker's Guide To: Introductory Statistics. This course is an introduction to core statistical concepts, framed with a down-to-earth approach that makes statistics accessible to students of all backgrounds. With the Slacker's Guide series, we aim to demystify subject material and encourage students to think of how the concepts they learn can be applied to real life situations. We avoid over-complicated (and almost always unnecessary) traditional explanations, in favor of practical, memorable and often irreverent presentations of statistical concepts. Learning should be something you want to do, not something you force yourself to get through. We believe we have created a lecture series that is both informative and an easy listen. Let us help you on the next step in your statistical journey.

We're not actually going to be slacking off here. We just thought it was a cool nickname!

P.S. This course is a very-much a living organism and we are ready and willing to add material to meet the needs of our students. Send us questions and we will do our best to address them!


Topics Covered Include: Sampling and Surveys, Descriptive and Inferential Statistics and Correlation and Regression. With a firm foundation in these arms of statistical understanding, you will find that you are able to ask and answer questions independently - as long as you can acquire the appropriate data. One fun application of the lessions included in this course is to better understand sports, such as basketball. In a future course, we will detail how you can actually predict the outcome of games! (sort of!). The tools presented will help you understand political polling and all the ways in which it can be imperfect. The same basic tools (with some modifications) are used in the business world to summarize and understand the market and to optimize business operations. In all, this course aims to be a springboard for your further development.

Introductory Statistics: A Slacker's Guide
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