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Technical Writing: Getting Started

Introduction to Technical Writing
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You will learn what Technical Writing is
You will learn about the quality criteria in Technical Writing
You will know how to approach the creation of a technical documentation
You will learn about the most common pitfalls in Technical Writing

What this course is about

As technology has made its way into every part of our lives, we are required to understand and use new technology on a regular basis. While some products and procedures are easy to comprehend, we often find ourselves confronted with technology that just leaves us clueless. This is where Technical Writing comes into play: It helps us to understand technology by explaining it to us in a clear, concise and easy-to-understand manner. Therefore, Technical Writing has become a crucial part of various fields, among them product development, marketing and communication, science and education. However, it will only benefit its various stakeholders, if it is done right. This course will help you to find your way into Technical Writing and to improve your Technical Writing in a very structured and systematic way.  

Who should join

This course is the perfect match for engineers, product managers and all other kinds of professionals working in the field of technology who want to improve their Technical Writing, and all writers who consider becoming Technical Writers. You can also join, if you are a manager and want to establish Technical Writing in your department, since this course will help you understand the quality criteria of good Technical Writing and the perfect skillset of a good Technical Writer. Since this is a beginners course, no prior skills or knowledge are required.  

What you will learn

In this beginners course you will learn

  • what Technical Writing is and what it is not
  • how to create a Technical Writing document in a structured way
  • how to ensure the quality of your Technical Writing document
  • which skills and knowledge you need to become a great Technical Writer


Sounds good? Then join me in this class and make your first steps as a Tech Writer!

Technical Writing: Getting Started
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