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Introduction to Project Management: Learn for APM Project Fundamentals Examination

Learn how to become a better project manager from this introduction to project management
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How to describe the context, success criteria, and benefits of projects
The basics and main components/steps of project management
How to manage and supervise projects successfully
Prepare for the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) exam
How to implement stakeholder analysis

Skillful project management is essential for all team leaders. While management is a much broader term, project management is much more task-oriented. This introduction to project management is here to help you learn the difference between traditional management (which is an on-going process) and the project management that has a limited timespan. 

To learn project management, you should be prepared to analyze the main factors that frequently determine whether your project will succeed or not. For instance, project managers might not prepare business cases, might not estimate risks, or fail to motivate and inspire their teams. There can be many reasons why projects fail to reach their full potential. In this introduction to project management, we hope to prevent this from happening. 

What is project management? 

Project management is the application of skills, strategies, experiences, and procedures targeted at implementing projects efficiently and successfully. In other words, project management fundamentals refer to the use of various resources to complete a task with the best possible outcome. 

If you want to become a better leader, you should learn project management to produce successful plans for your projects, and supervise their implementation. After watching all the lectures in this course, you will be familiar with project management basics. Additionally, you might even consider the APM Project Fundamentals examination. 

The main components of project management 

From this introduction to project management, you will learn the steps that managers should take to improve their projects. First of all, it is necessary to estimate the cost of the project and whether it would be an in-demand product/service. With this principle in mind, you can reduce expenses and increase revenue. 

Another important component of project management fundamentals is the decision to research your target audience, determine the current trends, and gaps in the market. This procedure is performed to increase customer satisfaction and overall sales. After that, your project is more likely to fill that void with a product that potential customers will buy. Other project management basics include the reduction of risks, motivational practices to lead the team, etc. More steps to becoming a better project manager will be revealed to you in this introduction to project management. 

What will you find in this course? 

This introduction to project management aims to provide as much information as possible. We begin with project management basics: definition, main components, benefits, differences between projects and programmes, etc. 

Then, this course will start to discuss the main stages of setting a plan for projects. Among various topics, we offer in-depth explanations of sponsorships, scheduling, resource management, etc. Furthermore, you will find a separate section, specially designed to give you an idea about the APM Project Fundamentals examination. But what are the benefits of this project management achievements? 

With this qualification up your sleeve, potential employers will recognize you as a committed project professional. This qualification states that you are able to combine different methods, tools, procedures, and skills to supervise projects. 

Introduction to Project Management: Learn for APM Project Fundamentals Examination
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