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Introduction to Programming Course: Learn HTML, CSS, Python & More

Take this introduction to programming and start learning HTML, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS basics in one course!
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How to use programming languages such as HTML, Python, JavaScript, and PHP
How to build websites, web apps, and mobile apps
How to design a website using CSS
How to write an interactive program using Python
And much more!

This is a complete introduction to programming course for beginners. If you have no previous knowledge of programming and want to learn HTML5, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS, this course is the right one for you. In this course, I’ll teach you all from the ground up. You’ll learn everything from the basics to website and app development. After completing this introduction to programming, you’ll be familiar with some of the tasks that professional programmers do every day. This course is not a deep dive into a particular skill set but by learning from this course, you’ll get the fundamentals of different types of development. If you hesitate which programming language or type of development to choose, this course will help you to decide. So let’s get started!

What will you take away from this introduction to programming course?

This course contains under 13 hours of video content so get ready to work hard. In the beginning, I’ll introduce you to HTML5 and CSS basics. After that, we’ll discuss Python fundamentals and how to write programs using this programming language. By taking this course, you’ll get a better understanding of JavaScript and PHP. I’ll also introduce you to a few libraries like JSON to transmit data and frameworks such as PhoneGap to work with mobile hardware.

What you will learn:

  • How to write your first line of code using HTML5
  • How to make a website and optimize it for desktop and mobile environment
  • How to style website with CSS
  • How to write an interactive program with Python: easy building skills in Python
  • How to use JavaScript: build a web app with JavaScript
  • How to make your first web app
  • How to use PHP: introduction to databases
  • How the database works
  • How to create a three-tier application
  • How to work with XML and JSON
  • How to make a mobile app that could be deployed on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows-based devices
  • How to use mobile GUIs
  • How to build an app that maps your location
  • How to integrate device hardware into your application

After completing this introduction to programming course, you will learn HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and CSS basics, Python fundamentals and get a grasp of using each of these languages. Throughout this course, you’ll complete such projects as a restaurant review website, mp3 player, responsive design website, interest calculator, magic 8 ball and web services project. Looks complex? Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything step-by-step so under my guidance, you’ll be able to learn web and app development fundamentals, build a web app with JavaScript, easily build skills in Python and other programming languages and feel more confident in a world of programming.

Get familiar with programming languages and start building your career!

The main goal of this course is to introduce you to a number of different programming languages and types of development in a simple and beginner-friendly manner. If you don’t know how to start learning programming and what language to choose, this course should help you to answer all of these questions. After completing it, you will get a better understanding of what type of development you should learn deeper and which career path to choose: whether you should take a deeper introduction to databases, build a web app with JavaScript or continue building skills in Python. Take this introduction to programming course and take your knowledge to the next level in no time!

Introduction to Programming Course: Learn HTML, CSS, Python & More
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