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Introduction to Persuasion Skills

Introduction to Persuasion Skills
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How Persuasion Works
Importance of Persuasion
Steps of the Persuasion Process
How to Use AIDA for Persuasive Writing
Steps for Building Rapport

Persuasion is crucial for success in every walk of life whether personal or professional. ‘Persuasion’ is the process of communication that is intended to induce belief or action and of moving others by argument to a position or a particular course of action either temporarily or permanently. Persuasion is believed to be both an art and a science.  

Persuasion happens everywhere – it’s omnipresent. You may have to persuade people for anything – right from the deadlines of a project to which person will do what chores at home. In the real world, it is sometimes difficult to ascertain whether your persuasion skills are good or bad. You may think that you are a good persuader, but in reality, it may be just the opposite. Even before you persuade, you will have to know what can people be persuaded for.

One of the key traits of a successful person in professional as well as personal front is one who can persuade people. Persuading people helps you to lead the people to your way of thinking and helps to prevent unnecessary conflicts and resentments. There is a very strong linear relationship between success and persuasion. The only way you will be able to persuade others is when you learn to control and change the attitudes of other people. When you change the attitude of other people, their actions and hence their behavior will automatically come under your control. When a person’s attitude become favorable towards you, they are more likely to comply with your wishes and agree with your opinions and ideas.

The ‘formation of attitude’ and ‘change of attitude’ are not separate phenomenon but are interwoven. Based on the changing needs and interests, people tend to accept, change or give up on their existing attitudes.  Hence, whenever a person faces any kind of changes in his needs or interests, his attitude may undergo a change.

Introduction to Persuasion Skills
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