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Introduction to NGO Management

Introduction to NGO Management
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Advent of NGOs
Objectives of NGOs
Classification of NGOs
Management Structures in NGOs
Need of Core Principles for NGO Management

The intention behind the creation of the NGOs was that in places where the government was either doing a bad job of service delivery or the government could not reach for whatever reason, the NGOs could step in and act as the medium between the official sector or the governmental sector and the people.  The term Non-Governmental Organizations was coined to describe these entities.
Further, the fact that the increasing complexity and multiplicity of problems that confronted the world meant there was a need for a quasi-official entity to step in and   help both government and society.

Further, the NGO sector is useful to act as a watchdog to oversee the governmental programs and assess how much the government is effective in addressing them. Moreover, the NGOs can also be focus groups who do not venture into on the groundwork but are advisory in nature.

These are the public think tanks and advisory councils that routinely come up with policy suggestions.

The whitepapers that are used by the government and other agencies as inputs to their policymaking apparatus.

Apart from this, the NGOs can also check the leakage that is inherent in governmental programs because of bribery and corruption and hence can be the conscience of the people who would report any irregularities in the delivery of public services.

Finally, the NGO sector also comprises of volunteers who are committed and dedicated and can come to the rescue of victims of natural disasters like Earthquakes and Tsunamis where the governmental and other agencies are overwhelmed and understaffed to deal with   the situation adequately.

Many people often wonder about why the NGOs or the Non-Governmental Organizations need to work in the realm of social welfare as that is the job of the government as it has a duty and responsibility towards the citizens to promote social welfare.


Introduction to NGO Management
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