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Introduction to Data Mining with Python: Learn From Real-Life Examples

The hottest topics like data visualization, machine learning, Apache Spark, SQL and more in a single data mining course to get the right introduction to data mining!
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You'll have practiced using real-world data mining examples
You'll be able to manipulate data to accommodate data analysis
You'll be competent at drawing insights from raw data
You'll have the tools for a promising career in data science

Data mining is all about getting useful and actionable insights from raw data. A single data mining course to get straight to the backbone is right in front of you. You’ll have to open your brain wide to let in the rich input from me, full of cutting-edge information. Then I’ll show you how to make use of it in practice with a wide range of real-life examples. Statistical analysis, data visualization, classification and plotting are the skills you must master. In this introduction to data mining course, I’m here to make each step understandable to anyone from a beginner level.

Topics that you have to study for introduction to data mining 

The common belief is that the future belongs to those who own data, yet owning data is no longer good enough. The purpose of data analysis is to summarize the history, for example, analyzing the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. In contrast, data mining focuses on predicting the future and discovering patterns among data. You have to learn data mining, using statistical models and machine learning if you want to get a competitive advantage as a prospect data scientist. That’s why Python data mining is just the right tool to add to your field of knowledge.

When you enter my data mining course, you’ll use real-world data mining examples. The course includes datasets to learn each topic smoothly. The list of topics is extensive, such as using K-NN classifier and SVM, dimensionality reduction, distributed processing frameworks, or data munging to name just a few. You’ll learn about data mining and storing, text mining, network mining, Python Matrix library and explore other study areas. It might seem like a lot for an introduction to data mining, but you’ll see how quickly you’ll be able to grasp the basics.

Another piece of good news about Python is that you won’t have to build everything from scratch. I’ll teach you to find and borrow existing packages and how to make good use of them as you dance around with different tasks at hand.

What will you actually be able to do with all the knowledge from Python data mining course?
  • You will be able to create data models, evaluate and use them for predictions
  • You will create basic visualizations
  • You will be competent at drawing insights from datasets and finding patterns in statistics
  • You will have practical skills at cleaning data and data wrangling
  • And most importantly, in this introduction to data mining, you will get a solid foundation for your data scientist’s career. 

Equipped with a selection of tools that you need, you’ll be at a starting point where you can be confident of coping with all arising challenges and able to learn more in your field.

Data science skills can empower you to secure a good living

Learning data science is like learning maths some years ago. When you’re good at it, you won’t have to wait long to find a good job or get your salary increased. Once you get the right introduction to data mining, you should be on high demand in the industry. This course is going to get you well prepared for a promising career, and then it’s all in your hands!

Introduction to Data Mining with Python: Learn From Real-Life Examples
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