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唐宋词鉴赏 | Introduction to Ci Poems in the Tang and Song Dynasty

Explore the origins, representatives, works and important genres of Ci Poetry in the Tang and Song Dynasty. 介绍词的起源,系统讲授唐宋词的代表作家、代表作品和重要流派,以讲作品为主,兼及历史、民俗及人文精神。
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Starting with the definition and origin of Ci Poems, this course will introduce you to the representative writers, works and important genres of Tang and Song poetry. The course will also explore the history of Tang and Song poetry as well as the folklore and humanistic spirit of the Song Dynasty. This course is part of a series of “Appreciation of Tang and Song poetry” courses hosted by professor Bugao Wang. 本课程系王步高教授主持的“唐宋诗词鉴赏”国家精品课程、国家资源共享课系列课程之一。课程从词的定义、词的起源开始,较系统地讲授唐宋词的代表作家、代表作品,重要流派;以讲作品为主,兼及作家、唐宋词史以及宋代的历史、民俗及人文精神;通过本课程的学习,使学生对唐宋词有较为全面系统的了解,同时能提高其诗词阅读鉴赏及批评能力。 主讲人王步高教授为词学大师唐圭璋入室弟子,协助唐主编过《唐宋词鉴赏辞典》,长于诗词写作,词学领域著作颇丰,该课程是清华大学、东南大学最受学生欢迎的课程之一。
唐宋词鉴赏 | Introduction to Ci Poems in the Tang and Song Dynasty
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