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Introduction to Blockchain: Quick Guide Exploring Blockchain

Exploring Blockchain step by step, in quick and simple ways. Basics, Working, Structure, all you need to know..
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Key concepts of Blockchain
What is Blockchain & How it Works?
Structure & Design of Blockchain
Mining & Miners
Generations & Types of Blockchain

In this course, we will explore key concepts of Blockchain Technology from the very beginning level. The topics we will cover include:

What is this technology, the fundamental concepts of blockchain, and what makes it so different.
Understanding of ledger, what is it and how it relates to blockchain.
What Decentralization is and why it is considered the very main feature of blockchain.
How a Blockchain can work without any middleman, centralized entity, or organization. How no authority has control over the system.
Concept of Distribution, how is blockchain shared and distributed across the network.
What are Cryptographic Hash functions, their purpose, what is SHA-256, what cryptographic hash function is used in Bitcoin (BTC).
What is immutability, how data in blockchain can not be altered, and how intrusion is minimized.

Structure of Blockchain, what it is composed of, building blocks of blockchain, how and what it is made of and how a blockchain network is designed

How Blockchain works - the step by step understanding of working of blockchain, how users interact with it, how the transaction flow is conducted.
What the blockchain is made of, what are blocks, and what information they contain.
What are nodes.

What is mining and miners - what is blockchain mining, what is the role of miners in blockchain community, how mining rewards are earned by miners.

Blockchain Generations & Revolutions - how blockchain techno has evolved since its beginning, what are the generations of blockchain, and what changes and advancements are done in blockchain over its different generations

Types of Blockchain - what are the types of blockchain, how many types are there, how they are different, where are they used, use cases of blockchain and its types.

Introduction to Blockchain: Quick Guide Exploring Blockchain
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