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Introduction to Anger Management

Anger Management - Introduction
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Anger Management
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Anger problem not only affects others but also adversely affects Henry’s health, peace of mind and concentration on work. Hence, it is important that everyone should learn to manage their anger so that anger does not control a person’s life. Anger is ‘an emotional state that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage.’ Anger is a secondary emotion. Another emotion, such as fear, frustration, anxiety, sorrow, or feeling diminished, inevitably precedes the experience of anger. Generally, anger replaces these primary emotions so quickly that we never notice them. Beneath the primary emotions lie unmet needs.  

Anger is not the problem. Out of control anger is the problem. When a person gets angry, it is often a result of threatened emotions, such as hurt of our self-importance, rejections, difficulty to deal with prospects, and antagonistic flight of the imaginations.

If you do not deal with anger correctly, it has a way of building-up over time. Before you know it, you can be in a position where anger is controlling you and becoming a negative influence in your life. 

Being proactive with anger management will help to ensure it remains a healthy emotion that protects you from unnecessary hurt or threat.

The purpose of your anger is to protect you. If you couldn’t feel anger, you would be at a big disadvantage.  But like any powerful tool, you need to know how to use it.

Explosion is basically reacting while the angry energy passing through you is too hot to allow you to think. The part of your brain that can think, the cerebral cortex is kept out of the loop. You are actually operating from the early warning part of your brain, the limbic system, which is fast but not very smart about what’s actually going on.

Introduction to Anger Management
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