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Job Interview Tips and Tricks That Apply to Any Career

You only have one chance to make a first impression: learn how to prepare for an interview and prove you’re the best applicant for the job!
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What strengths are a must if you wish to succeed in the workplace
What unique traits can help you stand out among the candidates
What important ideas famous psychologists introduced when discussing personality
How to prepare for a job interview

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first, second, or tenth job interview – it is rarely a relaxed experience. Eager to leave the best possible first impression, we often get anxious, forgetful, and unconfident. Needless to stay, this doesn’t allow us to show our best personality traits.

How can you stand out among qualified candidates?

In this course, I have prepared a set of interview tips that apply to everyone at any stage of their life. Are you unsure about how to prepare for a job interview because you have just graduated and have no actual work experience? Or maybe you have felt stuck in your workplace for a while and wish to make a career switch?

Whatever your situation might be, if you are interested in personal and career development, you will find these interview tips really useful and applicable. As a professional career coach with interest in positive psychology, meditations, and neuroplasticity, I know exactly what you need to understand how to prepare for an interview that might just change your life.

Why should you be preparing for an interview?

Long gone are the days when you could just call an employer with a nearby location and discuss all the details on the phone – including the starting date. These days, the pace of life is what some would call insane, and competition is the workforce has snowballed.

According to Glassdoor, a company can receive around 250 resumes for a corporate job vacancy on average, and a number of people invited for an interview is usually one-digit. Needless to say, only one actually gets the position they wanted.

What this means for a potential candidate is that preparing for an interview is a crucial phase when looking for a job. It might be especially tricky for a recently graduated person, who, while qualified and full of enthusiasm, has no actual employment history or recommendations.

All the crucial interview tips and tricks in just over an hour

A job interview can be a hit or miss – therefore, you need know how to prepare for an interview and understand how to display all your strengths and not sabotage yourself when faced with puzzling questions or unexpected tasks. The interview tips I have prepared will allow you to make the most of the time you have with your potential employer.

To help you better understand yourself, I will explain the classification of virtues created by Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson – experts and authoritative figures of the positive psychology. Knowing your personality like the back of your hand, you will not doubt yourself and hesitate when asked an unexpected question. This is a critical step in learning how to prepare for a job interview.

In this course, you will find twenty-eight useful lectures and five assignments. Following them, you will find all the job interview tips and tricks to need to have a successful conversation with your future employer and demonstrate all your best qualities and leave an unbeatable first impression.

Job Interview Tips and Tricks That Apply to Any Career
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