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国际贸易 | International Economics and Trade

"国际贸易”是一门从经济学角度综合教授国际贸易理论、政策和实践的慕课课程;我们共同学习基于经济学原理的基础知识,以及全球经济的实践问题。Learn the theories, policies, and practice of international trade from an economics perspective.
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如果你想学习开放经济的基本规律,但不知从何处开始,这门课是你明智的选择。国际贸易课程使你在互动学习中从经济学角度轻松愉快地了解经济全球化、一体化的原理及实践问题,并可以在线分享学习的体会。 这门课程是基于微观经济学的分析对国际经济学的介绍,由北京大学开设。这门课程从微观经济的基本方法开始,在吸引你的同时对于你的学习能力也是一种挑战。短时间里通过一些简洁的例子或案例,你将学会如何理解经典贸易理论思想、构建国际贸易理论模型、分析贸易政策、操作贸易事务、解决贸易纠纷。 Want to learn the laws of economics in an open economy, but unsure where to begin? In this economics course, you willl earn the economic language that makes it easy and fun to understand the global economy, integration and practice. This course is an introduction to international economics using the microeconomics language, developed by Peking University. Starting with the basics of microeconomics, the course will stretch your mind and challenge you. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand classic economic thoughts, create amazing models, analyze trade policies, operate trade affairs, and settle disputes in just minutes. You will learn through case studies and examples. No previous abstract economic knowledge needed. Join us as you start your open economy journey.
国际贸易 | International Economics and Trade
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