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国际刑法学 | International Criminal Law

International Criminal Law in the course of study, students can learn the basics of modern international criminal law. The primary purpose of this course is to help students understand the basic knowledge of international criminal law.
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"本课程的主要目标是帮助学生理解国际刑法学的基本知识。我们将通过20章节的学习来实现这一目标,包括来自美国、德国、英国、瑞典和伊斯兰国家主流学者对国际刑法学的看法和观点。 这是一门为对国际刑法学感兴趣尤其是关注中国刑事司法体制发展的学生所提供的基础课程,提供了比较完整的国际刑法学的知识体系。 本课程将向同学们展现国际刑法学的系统知识。主要内容包括:国际刑法学的属性和历史发展,国际刑事法院的诞生和管辖,引渡和国际合作,国际刑法学的一般原则,刑事责任和辩护理由,国际犯罪的一般概念,规定在国际刑事法院规约中的国际犯罪和其他一些重要的国际犯罪,国际刑法学中的证据规则和诉讼程序。 本课程使用的主要教材是《现代国际刑法学原理》(中国人民公安大学出版社2009年出版),该书是司法部法治建设与法学理论研究部级科研项目成果,荣获北京市高等教育优秀教材奖。该书在系统整理美国、德国、英国、瑞典和伊斯兰国际刑法重要学者观点的基础上,系统说明了现代国际刑法的学科归属,历史发展,国际刑事法院,国际化的国内刑事法庭,国际刑法的管辖、引渡与国际合作问题,国际刑法的一般原则、刑事责任与辩护理由问题,国际犯罪的一般概念与《国际刑事法院规约》规定的灭绝种族罪、危害人类罪、战争罪、侵略罪以及其他重要的国际犯罪,国际刑法中的诉讼制度与证据规则。 "The main objective of this course is to help students understand the basic knowledge of international criminal law. We will learn through 20 chapters to achieve this goal, including from the United States, Germany, Britain, Sweden and the Islamic countries of the international criminal law scholar mainstream views and perspectives. This is an interest in international criminal law for concern, especially basic course students develop the Chinese criminal justice system offered to provide a more complete knowledge of international criminal law system. This course will show students the knowledge system of international criminal law. The main contents include: property and history, the birth of the International Criminal Court and the jurisdiction of the international criminal law, extradition and international cooperation, the general concept of the general principles of international criminal law, criminal responsibility and defenses, international crime, the provisions of the International Criminal Court Statute of the International Crime and other important international crime, international criminal law in the rules of evidence and procedure. The main materials used in the course of "the principles of modern international criminal law" (Chinese People's Public Security University Press published in 2009), the book is the construction of the Ministry of Justice and the rule of law theory of law and ministerial research achievements, won the Beijing Higher outstanding teaching Award. Finishing the book in the United States system, basic Germany, Britain, Sweden and the important Islamic scholar of international criminal law perspective, the system shows the ownership of the modern discipline of international criminal law, historical development, the International Criminal Court, the International Criminal Tribunal of the domestic and international criminal law jurisdiction, extradition and international cooperation issues, the general principles of international criminal law, criminal liability and defense issues, international general concept of crime of genocide, "the Statute of the International Criminal Court" provisions and, crimes against humanity, war crimes, the crime of aggression as well as other important international crime, litigation system and the rules of evidence in international criminal law.
国际刑法学 | International Criminal Law
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