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Practice Oriented HTML Crash Course: Learn HTML from the Ground Up

Learn everything from the HTML basics to advanced concepts in this HTML crash course
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HTML fundamentals
How to make a basic HTML page
How to style your page
How to use advanced HTML concepts

If you are looking for a compact HTML course, you came to the right place. In this HTML crash course, you’ll learn everything from HTML basics to advanced aspects in a little more than 3 hours. If you’re not familiar with this programming language, don’t worry. This course is an introduction to HTML so I’ll explain to you every step I take in detail. Are you ready to start your learning adventure?

Why should you choose this HTML crash course?

If it’s your first HTML course, I want to introduce you to what HTML is. HTML is a hypertext markup language used to build web pages and web applications. Most beginner programmers choose to learn HTML as their first programming language because it’s easy to learn and use. So if you don’t have any previous experience in programming, this language is a perfect choice for you.

This HTML crash course is compact and highly specialized. While there are a lot of courses that talk about HTML and CSS or HTML and JavaScript, this one will teach you only HTML from the ground up. In this course, you won’t find any time-wasting sections, so you’ll be able to learn the most HTML in the shortest time. Also, at the end of almost every lecture, you’ll find practice tasks that will help you to understand things better.

Benefits to take away from this course

This HTML crash course is split into 2 modules. The first one is an introduction to HTML where you’ll get familiar with HTML basics, learn HTML5, XHTML and get a grasp on how to create a basic HTML page. The second module covers more advanced HTML where you’ll learn how to style your page, use more advanced elements and more. Below, you can see what you’ll learn from each of the modules in detail:

Module 1:

  • What is HTML
  • HTML editors
  • How to write HTML elements
  • How to create your first HTML page
  • How to title your HTML page
  • How to use HTML attributes to provide additional information about a certain element
  • How to bold, underline your text, and use different fonts 
  • How to start HTML comments
  • How to add internal and external links to your page
  • How to add images to your page
  • How to use ordered and unordered HTML lists
  • How to create tables in your page

Module 2:

  • How to use inline CSS
  • Internal and external CSS
  • How to use CSS classes
  • How to style your page using CSS
  • How to quote something in HTML
  • How to use meta tags
  • How to use the form element
  • What is responsive design
  • And much more!
Take this course and start your career as an HTML developer!

This course is the best way to start learning HTML. In a minimum amount of time, you’ll get a grasp of HTML fundamentals, learn HTML5 and much more. The main goal of this HTML crash course is to teach you HTML concepts and also to give you a clear understanding of how to use HTML in practice. So enroll in this course and start building your career in no time!

Practice Oriented HTML Crash Course: Learn HTML from the Ground Up
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