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How to Write Copy That Sells: 30 Lessons for Writing Effective Copies

Learn how to write copy that sells by studying excellent print ads written by award-winning copywriters in one detailed copywriting course
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How to write headlines that grab attention
How to write headlines that compel prospects to read the body copy
How to write opening lines
How to write clever, effective endings to sales copy

In this copywriting course, you will learn how to write great copy that grabs the attention and motivates the readers to buy the product.

In other words, this copywriting course is a great shortcut to learn how to write copy that sells.  When you finish it, you will be able to write catchy copy, which gets noticed, is read from the headline to the last sentence, and gets results.


The Fundamentals of How to Write Copy that Sells

In this course, you will examine excellent written ad examples and get copywriting tips for:

  • how to write a headline which grabs attention;
  • how to write a headline which compels to read the body;
  • how to write a headline which has to match a visual;
  • how to write the opening line which compels the reader to keep reading;
  • how to use irony, sarcasm, and humor to grab attention;
  • follow a tested step-by-step formula for writing body copy;
  • build trust with body copy;
  • find and write unusual testimonials;
  • how to write ad copy by adding practical and smart endings to sales copy that calls to action;
  • how to write great copy that grabs and does not let go until you have reached the end;
  • how to write endings that are effective and help the sales message.


The Most Succesful Ad Campaign Of All Time

You will examine a famous and probably the most successful ad campaign in history – the legendary newspaper ads for Volkswagen that ran during the 1960s and 1970s. These years were the epitome of print advertising and a great example of writing copy that sells as well as how to write ad copy. The Volkswagen ads had to overcome a significant challenge in finding a way how to write copy that sells in their case. Of course, the campaign accomplished the task with flying colors. A dull, ugly, unknown car with the help of writing copy that sells was remade into one of the most talked-about, discussed, famous, and loved brands in history. You will see dozens of ads from the Volkswagen ad campaign since each of them is a fantastic case study on how to write great copy.


Learn How to Create Successful Ads

Knowing how to write is where it all begins. You cannot create a successful advertising campaign if you do not engage your readers with a clear and deliberate choice of words.  You will learn about visuals, headlines, opening lines, the format of a sales pitch, body copy, features, testimonials and benefits, humor, irony, keys to being original, reader engagement, endings, and a lot more!

If you are a copywriter who wants to improve their craft or Simply one who wants to learn how to write copy that sells – you have found the shortcut to learning what copywriting is all about, what works and what does not. It's this copywriting course.


No Theory, Only Examples of What Works in Copywriting

You won't find any theory in this course. You will learn about the ads that worked and why they worked. I will explain in detail why a copy was successful and sold the product.

You can preview a lecture below and get an idea of what this copywriting course is all about. If you want to learn the tricks of how to write copy that sells, take this course. And maybe forty years from now, someone will be taking a class about a text that you wrote. You never know!

How to Write Copy That Sells: 30 Lessons for Writing Effective Copies
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