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Vectorize Anything with Image Trace

Learn to use Photoshop to Pre-Edit images to work better in Image Trace
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Create high quality vectors with Image Trace
Vectorize photography
Vectorize drawings
Vectorize small icons or low quality images

What would your digital portfolio be without vectors?


In this course, I will share with you my best tips for one of the most valuable skills as a digital artist, vectorizing images.

I use vectors all the time in my art. Image trace has been a great tool to create my own, but when I started, I was getting terrible results..

The pen tool is a difficult thing to master, and takes a lot of time to use, even when you are good.

So I was stuck with Image Trace for complex images, small or pixelated jpegs, and big images took forever between edits.

I experimented making some quick edits in Photoshop. It instantly got better. I was so stoked to be able to find elements and keep them in this valuable format.

I looked online, and no one was teaching this concept, so I wanted to share it. This skill seriously helped me, and I hope it helps you. I am stoked for your art and your excitement creating vectors you can use now and for future projects for years to come!


Here's a what we will cover in this course:


  • Diving Into Image Trace

We’ll review every option in the Image Trace panel while playing around with an orange.

  • Vectorizing Photos Pre-Edits

Once we understand what we are looking for in a photo, we step into PS and make the necessary changes. We will go over making these changes with adjustment layers, and making them with Camera Raw Filters.

  • Vectorizing Photos with Image Trace

We will jump into making our image into a vector, and getting a subject out of our photo.

  • Vectorizing Drawings Pre-Edits

Marker drawings were made to be vectorized!! Chances are, you may not even need to pre-edit the images, but just in case we will learn how to make sure that image trace can do its best job.

  • Vectorizing Drawings with Image Trace

We will turn a marker drawing into a finished vector. Once we have this one-color vector, we can replace the fill with anything we desire!

  • Vectorizing Found Elements

In this lesson, we will quickly pre-edit some small images we find online, then make them high-quality vectors.


In Summary,

You will learn to get high quality vectors from any image you have!

I'll see you soon,

- Douglas

Vectorize Anything with Image Trace
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