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AI in Stock Market Predictions: Learn How to Use TensorFlow and Python

Learn how to use TensorFlow and Python basics to make stock predictions with TensorFlow
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How to Code Using Python
How to Build Models of Linear Regression in TensorFlow
How to Make Stock Market Predictions with Python

Would you like to start working on Artificial Intelligence? Are you interested in building an application capable of Stock Market Predictions? Would you like to understand and master Python basics? If your answer to at least one of those question is yes, then this is a perfect Python and TensorFlow tutorial for you. By enrolling in this TensorFlow stock prediction course, you will discover how to code using Python, how to use TensorFlow for calculating linear regression, and you'll get the Python code for stock market prediction. You will get maximum results with minimal time and effort since all of the information will be provided in this short and straightforward tutorial.

Learn How to Use TensorFlow Step-by-Step

This TensorFlow Stock Prediction course blends theoretical knowledge with practical examples. Instead of just listening, you will be working on an actual stock market prediction project in Python that you can add to your portfolio. Also, since you'll be creating an application that you can use and be proud of the whole learning process will be far more exciting and rewarding. You will not only have the Python code for stock market prediction as a proof of your work but will also remember the information better and acquire employable practical skills.

This course is suitable for both complete beginners who want to learn TensorFlow basics and intermediate Python programmers. Don't worry, if you've never done any Python coding. This tutorial will guide you every single step of the way. There are even lessons showing you how to download and install TensorFlow, Python, and PyCharm. After installing them, you'll start with the fundamentals. If you feel comfortable with your Python skills, you can skip straight to TensorFlow section.

Create a Working TensorFlow Stock Prediction App Easily

First, the tutorial will explain such Python basics as variables, functions, classes and controlling flow. After that, you'll move on to learning how to use TensorFlow. This part will teach you about different types of nodes and how to use them as well as how to create a linear regression model. After mastering all the essential TensorFlow basics, you'll work on the Stock Market Predictions app with the help of this Python and TensorFlow tutorial. You'll learn to understand datasets, importing & formatting data, calculating price differences, building a computational graph and more!

This course was created by a highly skilled and successful app and game developer John Bura. John has been teaching for over 15 years. Therefore, he understands the needs of his students very well. That's why this TensorFlow stock prediction course explains even simple tasks. John describes how to do everything in a very easy to follow and straightforward manner. Hence, you can learn a lot through his tutorials, and there's practically zero chance you'll get lost. You're in good hands for sure!

Fun, Easy to Learn & Extremely Useful

Python is a great language to get started with programming. It's a very high-level language. That means that Python is similar to English, so it's easy to understand and learn. In fact, it was designed to be fun and easy to use. You can learn building tools and prototypes with Python quickly. Therefore, there's a good chance that coding using Python will prove to be a satisfying experience in learning how to use TensorFlow, too.

Python can be used in tons of different fields. You can build desktop applications and games, work on data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, backend web development, and scientific computing using Python. Many popular websites like Google, Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram, and Reddit were built with Python. Netflix utilizes Python to make sure that you can watch TV series without them stopping, Spotify uses Python to send music to you, and even The International Space Station’s Robonaut 2 robot's central command system is programmed using Python. As you probably gathered, Python is used almost everywhere. Therefore, by learning it, you significantly increase your chances to find a stable programming job with a high salary. Not to mention you'll have a working Python code for stock market prediction in your portfolio.

Understand how to use TensorFlow by learning Python while creating a Stock Market Predictions app and kickstart your career now!

AI in Stock Market Predictions: Learn How to Use TensorFlow and Python
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