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How to Use Sublime Text 3 Like a Pro: Sublime Text Tutorial

Learn how to use Sublime Text 3 as a professional developer in this Sublime Text 3 tutorial
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How to use Sublime Text 3 to code quickly and efficiently
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Do you want to write code like a professional developer? Then you need to learn how to use Sublime Text 3. Of course, you can start writing code in a simple notepad, but having a professional code editor will help you improve your skills and understand your code easier as it will use color markings for tags, comments, and more.

A little about Sublime Text 3

In this Sublime Text tutorial, we will be tackling the 3rd, newest version of this code editor. A lot of developers are learning how to use Sublime Text 3 for multiple reasons:

  • It is free to use;
  • It is a clean text editor (no unneeded bells and whistles) which allows enhancing your productivity;
  • It is a fast code editor;
  • It has many functions: you can use either in-built features like multi-edit and Vim mode, but also add plugins, snippets and more;
  • It is lightweight: you do not need a lot of space on your computer to have it installed;
  • It's easy to use: it has a very short learning curve, that's why you can learn how to use Sublime Text 3 efficiently in under 2 hours in my Sublime Text 3 tutorial;
  • It can be enhanced: you can use Package control to improve functionality and create custom settings;
  • It has strong community support: if you ever come in trouble with some Sublime Text 3 function, you can easily find help online, but don't worry: I will explain all of the essential parts of how to use Sublime Text 3.

You can see why a lot of developers are turning to this code editor, and there are probably even more reasons. So, for you to become a proper web developer, you should take part in this Sublime Text 3 tutorial.

What is waiting for you in this Sublime Text tutorial?

I will show you the basics and more advanced ways of how to use Sublime Text 3. For example, I will teach you about various features of Sublime Text 3: 

  • You will learn about Split Layouts that will let you work on split screens. This is useful if you are working with HTML and CSS at the same time, or you have to code files that are connected, and you need to edit them interchangeably.
  • I will show you the Vintage mode that provides Vi commands that you can use to code quicker.
  • Do you know how web browsers have tabs that make browsing much easier? Well, Sublime Text 3 has them too, which makes it useful.
  • Another feature is automatic loading of the last session: if you close your coding file by accident, the next time Sublime Text 3 will start from that file which allows you to continue from where you ended;
  • I will show you how you can use various code snippets to your advantage.

This Sublime Text tutorial will feature many functions that you can later use on your own. After a little more than an hour, you will know how to use Sublime Text 3 as a professional programmer. Enroll now and code more productively than ever!

How to Use Sublime Text 3 Like a Pro: Sublime Text Tutorial
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