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Course on How to Use SQLite: Creation and Management of SQLite Databases

Learn how to use SQLite databases, the SQLite Browser and SQL Commands
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How to use the SQLite database
How to download and set up SQLite Browser
How to use SQL commands to find, delete, update or add records

A database is a crucial component of every website. Without a database, developers could not categorize or manipulate their data so easily. SQLite is one of the options that you can choose. Therefore, you should learn how to use SQLite database and manage it. In this SQLite tutorial, we present you with possibilities of manipulating your database with SQLite Browser. 

In general, you can consider the SQLite Browser as a tool to view and control the data that you have stored in an SQLite database. In this SQLite tutorial, I will show the setup process of SQLite browser, and different SQL commands for managing data. 

What is an SQL database? 

For this SQL course, you should know about the importance of SQL. It is a programming language used to query and edit data in databases. In most of the SQL databases, information is stored in table formats, meaning columns and rows. From any SQL source, you will learn that there are no limits to the number of columns or rows stored in databases. 

What is SQLite? 

SQLite is a popular relational database. However, when learning how to use SQLite, you will notice one significant feature. Differently than the majority of SQL databases, SQLite does not have a separate server process. Instead of contacting servers, SQLite reads and writes directly to ordinary disk files. Therefore, the content in a SQLite database is contained in one disk file. 

The purposes DB Browser for SQLite 

Learning how to use SQLite is not a highly complex issue if you are using the SQLite Browser. This software application is for viewing and manipulating the data you store in your SQLite database. One of the goals of this software is to simplify the management of databases both for developers and end users. 

With the browser, you can also create SQL databases. After naming your new database, I will show you how to create tables, their fields, and determine the type of content each row or column will contain. Additionally, I will explain how you can add new records to the tables you have just created. 

What will you find in this course? 

This SQL course focuses on teaching you how to use SQLite databases and manage them with the SQLite browser. At first, we will not be using the SQL programming language for the manipulation of the database. 

However, SQLite browser has an area for typing the SQL queries. Therefore, you can use SQL commands to manipulate your data. For instance, one of the very first things that I am going to show you is the retrieval of information from tables. I will provide you with the command to get all data from the table. However, if your table has many records, you will need to include a limit to your search. 

In this course on how to use SQLite databases, I will be showing the most common steps of managing SQLite. I will start with the process to create a SQLite database as the one of the first steps. Then, the lessons focus on the methods of searching for information in the database, deleting data, updating information, inserting new records, or combining the data from several tables.

Course on How to Use SQLite: Creation and Management of SQLite Databases
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