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Linux Tutorial: Learn How to use Linux terminal 10x faster?

Learn how to use Linux terminal the new way, much more productively, in an under one-hour-long Linux tutorial.
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You'll become 10x faster when working on the Linux terminal
You'll learn how to use Zsh and Bash
You'll start using more keyboard shortcuts that will grow your productivity

Do you want to become faster with the Linux terminal? Learn the magical shortcuts and other tips and tricks to increase your productivity? Join my Linux tutorial to improve your skills in using Linux terminal to see how tasks fly with much higher speed – as you see in the movies. I’ve got a Master’s degree in Computer Science; I’ve done tons of practical work on various projects, and I’ve got something to share with you. Learn how to use Linux terminal the more advanced way in just under an hour!

Why learn how to use Linux terminal?

Every beginner must know the basic Linux terminal commands and get some more tips and tricks to make their work more productive. Knowing Linux terminal commands makes your computer a power tool. When you learn how to use Linux terminal properly, all the limitations by the specific details, that an application or its developer exposes to you in the form of a button, will be gone.

Not using a command line is something like running a car without any tools or having access to the drivetrain. Or like trying to communicate with other people using pre-prepared complete paragraphs of text. Not too much flexibility. That’s why it’s important to learn Linux terminal commands, so you’re not limited in such ways. So that you can get things done, using most of your computer’s power.

What are you going to learn in this Linux tutorial?

This course is designed for beginner Linux users. If you’ve already learned the Linux terminal, odds are you’ve learned things the old way. And that way is slow. So the main benefit of this tutorial that will expand your knowledge of the basic Linux terminal commands is that you’ll become incredibly faster! The skills you’re about to develop and the tricks you’ll learn in this hour are going to save you a lot of time.

Here’s a quick overview of what we’re going to learn in the different sections of this course:

  • You’ll learn to use a variety of bash tricks, including custom commands, browse and search, bash shortcuts, history tricks, fixing typos.
  • You’ll learn how to use screens, multiple terminal windows, and how to manage your files quickly.
  • You’ll understand in-depth how the terminal multiplexor works, studying and getting examples of Tmux.
  • You’ll learn how to use Linux terminal with Terminator tricks.

Part of this course will also be devoted to explaining Z shell, its installation, path expansion, command status, and command completion.

Each topic is going to be supplemented with a written summary. Even when you finish watching this course, you’ll be able to have a quick look and remember what we’ll have talked about. I thought that would also save you the time of note-taking and bring even more value to the course, so enjoy!

Enroll in to improve your productivity!

I’ve got 15 years of experience working with the Linux terminal, so there’s a lot I can share. This course is focused on a tiny spectrum of what I’ve learned myself through working with Linux. Enroll in, learn how to use Linux terminal, and become 10x faster on it!

Linux Tutorial: Learn How to use Linux terminal 10x faster?
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