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How To Use LINKEDIN ADS For Business (Beginner to Advanced)

Effective LinkedIn Ads strategies to get you more connections, leads and sales and so you can grow your business.
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How to use the LinkedIn platform to market your business successfully
LinkedIn sponsored updates, sponsored InMails, text ads, video ads, lead-gen forms and much more
Learn how to measure campaign performance and ROI on LinkedIn
Tools, tips and resources to help you create better content, and grow your audience faster
Optimize conversions, clicks, impressions and budgets


Desire to use LinkedIn ads to promote your business


Effective LinkedIn marketing & ads to get you more traffic, followers, likes, shares, sales and conversions so you can grow your business.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media markets for job seekers and recruiters. LinkedIn has over 700 million members.

Over 20 million jobs are posted on LinkedIn. More than 30 million companies are on LinkedIn in some form or other. LinkedIn is a platform that should be leveraged by anyone who is actively or passively looking for a job. In today’s job market, careers are always shifting due to our ever-changing global environment to be ahead of the competition.

Leveraging LinkedIn is smart for businesses, trying to sell products, or job-seekers looking for employers. LinkedIn gives you access to the latest industry trends, allows you to market your brand globally, grow your professional network and to connect with decision makers and executives in any industry, globally.



I built this course for people like you. People who are frustrated with their LinkedIn ads, doing it themselves, and not seeing the results they want. It's not easy to learn how to use LinkedIn ads properly. I've been there myself. So let me help you get the business results you're looking for.

LinkedIn ads are a powerful marketing tool to grow your business. But learning how to use them effectively can be a challenge. That's why we created course. With this course you’ll learn how to craft profitable campaigns, create ads that people notice, and distribute your message to the right audience with laser-like precision.



This course is for anyone who wants to set up LinkedIn ads for themselves or their clients. This course will teach you what aspects to focus on, how to write great ad copy, and how to optimize ads for maximum results.

After finishing the course, you'll be able to run highly successful campaigns for yourself, your clients and/or your business.



The course first gives you solid LinkedIn marketing / ads fundamentals. After that, the course walks you through the creation of ads, and discusses various targeting and budgeting options.

  • Introduction to LinkedIn Ads & Campaign Manager
  • Creating the actual LinkedIn Ad
  • LinkedIn Ad Targeting & Budgets




  • Set up a LinkedIn Ad, choose whatever campaign objective suits your desired business objectives.
  • Develop the creative for the account.
  • Target the proper demographics, with various targeting options.
  • Activate the campaign and let it run for 48 hours (it doesn't matter what the budget is).
  • Screenshot the ad, and upload a picture of the ad, along with some information about how the ad performed, so fellow students can learn from you.
  • Link your LinkedIn profile so that students can connect with you.

Goal: Set up your first ad campaign and execute and share the results. What was your CPC? What was your CPM? What was your ROAS?




As a career sales and marketing executive & leader, I've worked with a wide variety of organizations and peers, training thousands of individuals on both the hard and soft skills required to excel in their career.

On a professional level, I've worked within all size companies, and I've sold and marketed (as well as lead teams that have sold and marketed) to some of the most iconic F500 / F100 brands throughout my career.

I'm fortunate to have over 100+ of my thoughts and insights on sales, marketing, technology, business and entrepreneurship published in outlets such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Hackernoon, The Startup and others.

I'm the host of the Success Story Podcast (1m+ downloads), author of the ROI Overload Newsletter (with 30k subs and counting), founder of ROI Overload, a Sales & Marketing Community. (250k Followers) Newsletter, Publication & Startup Resource and a career Sales & Marketing exec.

I talk about sales, marketing, growth and startups on Twitter or LinkedIn @scottdclary

How To Use LINKEDIN ADS For Business (Beginner to Advanced)
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