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The Complete Course on Learning How to Use jQuery and AngularJS

Learn how to embed and use the jQuery library to improve the quality of your code
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How to start using jQuery library
The main concepts of jQuery and AngularJS
Advantages of using jQuery

The use of frameworks and libraries is an excellent way of expediting web development processes. In this course on how to use jQuery, we will be taking a look at one of the most popular libraries for front-end development. 

For the best user experience when learning from this jQuery tutorial, I recommend that students have some knowledge about HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript. I guarantee that learning jQuery and AngularJS will be much easier if you already know the basics of these three languages. 

What is jQuery? 

Before jumping to the principles of how to use jQuery, we should take a look at the definition of jQuery. On their official website, jQuery is described as a fast, lightweight, and feature-rich JavaScript library. Libraries are usually created for extending the capabilities of a programming language by introducing new functions or features. For instance, the process of learning how to use Ajax is easier with jQuery as well. 

Why do you need to learn jQuery? 

jQuery can simplify and improve programming by giving you more options to perform the same or new functions. For instance, in one of the first lessons, I take a look at a simple example of making an image appear or disappear once users click on a button. 

With vanilla JavaScript, you would need to use the onclick event to achieve this functionality. However, by choosing to learn jQuery, you can avoid the event and call the click() function from the jQuery library. In many cases of applying jQuery functions, you will end up with shorter code. 

When you start learning how to use jQuery, you will notice that the library offers many Ajax capabilities. However, how to use Ajax, and why would you consider it as a priority? Well, Ajax is one of the ingredients of interactive websites. In other words, it makes sure that the server would load data without refreshing the browser page. 

What will you find in this course? 

In this jQuery tutorial, I will be starting by reviewing the features of jQuery and why developers should consider using this library. One of the main reasons is that jQuery lets you produce shorter code. It leads to your code being more readable if you work with several people on the same project. Therefore, learning how to use jQuery can lead to a more productive workflow with fewer misunderstandings. 

However, before you learn how to use jQuery, you need to import the library to your code. I will show you the steps for making sure that all jQuery features work. If you follow my explanations, you should be able to perform this action without any issues. 

Once you have everything prepared, we will learn jQuery functions that you can use. We will also briefly analyze the principles of the jQuery syntax so that you would be ready for the other lessons. 

When we start focusing on how to use jQuery, we will take a look at various events, external scripting, chaining, callback functions, and other useful features. Additionally, I will show you how you can transform elements by applying various effects. For instance, you can make elements slide or fade out. 

Start learning now and master jQuery with me!

The Complete Course on Learning How to Use jQuery and AngularJS
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