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How to Use cPanel for Linux Hosting: a Step-by-Step Guide

Using cPanel doesn’t have to be hard! Learn how to use cPanel with a comprehensive tutorial for beginners.
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How to upload and manage your projects on the server
How to use SEO tools on the server
How to create and manage emails on the server
How to create and access databases

It’s great to be able to code a breathtaking website from scratch. Using the basics of web development, you can create a beautiful design, input engaging content, and add dynamicity. However, it’s only the first step in having an online presence. After you create a website, you need to buy or rent some server space from a web host.

This is also where using cPanel begins. To put it simply, cPanel is a control panel that the end-user (typically, the owner) uses to manage their website on the server simply. Learning how to use cPanel isn’t too complicated: you have a clear and intuitive graphical interface and a set of automation tools to make your job easier.

One tutorial to answer all your questions

In this comprehensive course, I will explain to you how to use cPanel to manage your projects from start to finish. We will begin by reviewing the cPanel user interface and making sure we understand each and every tool available to use. Then, you will learn all the tips and tricks needed to work with files, emails, and databases.

One of the most important things you need to learn is how to use cPanel for tasks involving an FTP server. In this two-hour cPanel tutorial for beginners, I will make sure to explain every necessary procedure, including but not limited to methods of accessing your files and managing your FTP accounts.

Using cPanel with worthy additions

In the world of technology, it’s very uncommon to use one tool isolated. A lot of systems can be combined to achieve the best possible result. In this cPanel tutorial, I will guide you through all the steps needed to install CodeIgniter and Wordpress and explain how to use cPanel with them.

CodeIgniter is a robust PHP framework that allows you to create dynamic websites. Since its initial release in 2006, it was used to code over 120 thousand websites all around the world. There are multiple reasons to use it: CodeIgniter is lightweight, easy to set up, and offers unmatched security.

WordPress is a content management system used by over sixty million websites. It’s based on PHP and commonly used with MySQL databases. Originally, WordPress was developed for blogging, but in time it has grown to support a variety of other web content types. In this course, you will learn how to use cPanel with Wordpress, starting with its installation straight from the cPanel’s software section.

Help your users find you with the right SEO

Even the most impressive website is worth nothing if it cannot reach the audience. That’s why in this cPanel tutorial for beginners, we will also discuss ways to improve your findability by using search engine optimization (SEO) tools!

Having taken this informative course, you will know all the necessary steps to make a website successful. Not only will you understand how to manage your site on the server, but you’ll also have a firm grasp on how to make it stand out from the crowd.

How to Use cPanel for Linux Hosting: a Step-by-Step Guide
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