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How to Storyboard with Storyboarder: A Free and Complete Guide

Find out how to make a storyboard for movie pre-production and get your idea across!
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How to make a storyboard using a free and open-source Storyboarder tool
How video storyboarding works and why it’s so useful in film industry
How to plan for pre-production storyboarding

Are you someone who cannot draw? We get it. It’s something that takes both talent and a ridiculous amount of practice. It’s worth dedicating your time to working on it if your dream is to get into visual arts or a similar sphere, sure – but if all you want to do is work in the movie industry and use video storyboarding to present your ideas, there’s absolutely no need to sweat over perfect sketches. Why, you ask? Because there are free tools for that – and absolutely free guides on how to storyboard effectively using them!

If you aspire to make a film but struggle to get your vision and shot ideas across with storyboards, this course will arm you with the know-how you need to start masterfully conveying that vision without pain. Learning how to storyboard with Wonder Unit's Storyboarder software will save you time and energy that you will then be able to dedicate to creating that perfect movie scene on the actual screen.

Why this course?

Not sure how to write a storyboard that conveys your ideas exactly how you want them? In this in-depth walk-through of Storyboarder, you will get to know all the essential steps and features that come with the software and master professional and understandable video storyboarding. 

And that’s not all! This course is also taught by Vicki Lau – someone who is technologically-savvy (visual effects specialist), has produced a number of short films that screened at multiple film festivals, and understands the video storyboarding process on a professional level as an artist and producer. Moreover, Vicki is an experienced online educator, sharing her expertise with thousands of students in her 10+ courses on BitDegree!

In just over an hour, you will find out how to make a storyboard that you and anyone on your film crew can read, interpret and execute without any questions asked about what that squiggly mess on the right is supposed to represent. The tutorial is full of valuable insights and know-hows that will save you time and money when storyboarding with Storyboarder – and don’t forget the step-by-step guide of building a sample sequence from start to completion!

How to make a storyboard – from A to Z!

In this free guide, you will find out:

  • How storyboarding works and what its basic principles are
  • How to storyboard using the key features of Wonder Unit's Storyboarder tool
  • How to adapt your current design skills for using the new software
  • How to work with various storyboard export options that fit your filmmaking style
  • How to plan for pre-production video storyboarding

After completing this course, you will walk away empowered and equipped with the tool that will  save you a ton of time and money in the film production process. Forget your lack of drawing skills: what matters now is your unique idea that has the potential to become the latest Hollywood blockbuster – and knowing how to storyboard effectively will help you unlock it!

Both Storyboarder software and this guide are completely free, so there’s nothing to lose – and oh how much to gain. Join now and learn how to storyboard in less than 2 hours!

How to Storyboard with Storyboarder: A Free and Complete Guide
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