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How to Price Your Work as a Freelancer?

Find out the clear, logical, calculation-based approach on how to price your work adequately in this quick course on pricing your work focused on freelancers from any industry.
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You'll feel confident about pricing your work
You'll learn valuable licensing information
You'll tap into wholesale information
You'll find out real numbers for pricing your work so you never sell yourself short

Working as a freelancer? If you’re a bit in confusion about how much you can really charge for your work, then this course on pricing your work will be super helpful. You’re going to see a clear blueprint of how to price your work adequately, so you don’t get underpaid, and, of course, you still get the clients that you want to have. Freelancers are a special breed of people with their specific advantages and needs, and I’m going to bring more clarity in at least one of the essential parts of your work – pricing.

What’s the value of learning how to price your work?

Charging a low price for your freelance work is selfish. Surprised? Even if you do some freelance work for a hobby, keep in mind that low rates will hurt you as well as the whole community of those doing similar work to yours. Learning how to price your product, you’ll also hold yourself accountable for a wider community, and not just yourself.

If you happen to be in conflict with yourself when thinking about how to price your work because you don’t want to charge too much, stay calm. There’s a clear, logical, and inspiring explanation (backed up by calculations) that justifies higher rates than you may first ask shyly. We’re talking materials, we’re talking the time spent, all the years and money, and investment, and education, and learning, and patience, and practice, and all things combined, that make your work worth it. It applies both when deciding on how to price your work and how to price a product.

What are you going to learn in this course?
  • You’ll get the necessary knowledge and terminology of dealing with clients of various sizes.
  • You’ll get a formula of breaking down your expenses for getting your work done (time and money) so that you never sell yourself short when deciding how to price your product.
  • You’ll find out how to price a product or your working hours competitively against others in your field so that you reach the target clients.
  • I’ll tell exact numbers, which are the minimum threshold you should never go lower when charging your clients.
  • You’ll get an understanding of the wholesale and licensing, drafting agreements to make sure you’re covered across the board.
  • You’ll build confidence within learning how to take your worth further by exploiting your knowledge and practical skills.
Don’t get frightened by numbers when pricing your work

When you set your hourly rate (let’s say $45), and you have to do some work that you know will take the whole day, charging $400 is not a big number! Because you’re going to spend some 9 hours of your day, and you’re worth each and every dollar of those 400. Some artists make $5,000 in one day, but it doesn’t mean they do it for 20 days in a month, so those numbers are really not that frightening to ask. The good news is that there are companies and people who are willing to pay those figures when they understand the value, the complexity of your work, and they know how much it took for you to be able to deliver the highest quality and creative pieces of work.

Enroll in this course not just to learn how to price your work, but also to get inspired to do that in real life!

How to Price Your Work as a Freelancer?
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