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Motivations at Work: How to Motivate People and Boost Their Performance

Get to know the six motivational triggers that cause others to get excited and master motivating at work!
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How to determine a person's six motivational triggers through conversation
How to appraise conversational techniques to build rapport and empathy
How to interpret and evaluate what motivates others to achieve a higher level of performance
How to relate to people better engaging with them at a deeper level

Understanding how to motivate people is one of the most important qualities a good leader and manager must possess. You can find people with the best possible education, the most impressive work experience, and incredible sets of skills, but your efforts will all be worthless if they don’t feel encouraged and motivated to strive for the best possible outcome.

Motivations at work allow your colleagues to make the most out of their capabilities, increase their productivity, and boost the professional performance of both themselves as individuals and their whole team – and in this course, you can learn how to plan and use them in just under an hour!

Emotional intelligence is the key to successful teamwork!

While understanding the factors that trigger certain emotions and knowing how to motivate someone can also be very useful in your personal life, it is especially handy in a work environment. It’s more than likely you will have to team up with a lot of different personalities, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to motivating at work.

In this short yet practical course, you will get to know six different motivational triggers that people react to, learn to use them for professional encouragement, understand how to motivate people most effectively, and become more confident in your role as a team leader.

Understand 6 different types of motivations at work!

In the 19 lectures that make up this practical course based on NLP meta programs, we will cover the six main motivational triggers that can help you determine and affect a person’s motivation:

  • Motivational Level
  • Criteria of Motivation
  • Motivational Direction
  • Source of Motivation
  • Reason for Motivation
  • Decisions of Motivation

Each of these factors show up in the way a person talks and reveal what can make a person do something or prevent them from acting in a certain way. This means that as a team leader, you can get to know how to motivate people to put more effort in their work and reach a more impressive outcome through communication.

Get to know motivating at work from A to Z!

In this course, you will not only learn the techniques that allow you to understand how to motivate people, but actually get the tools you need to do it! The instructor will explain how you can use appropriate influencing language for maximum impact and really appeal to someone’s core motivation. Moreover, you will get to know your own motivational triggers better, which will allow you to work more effectively and use your talents to the fullest.

Aside from informative video lectures, you will also find some practical activities and a quiz included in the course. By using a variety of materials, you will understand how to motivate someone quicker, and know exactly how to apply that knowledge in practical situations. Every day at work will be an excellent new chance to communicate with your colleagues and try out the know-how you heard and read! 

Start the course today, and find out how to motivate people in the most effective manner!

Motivations at Work: How to Motivate People and Boost Their Performance
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