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How to market a service? Avoid 10 common pitfalls

Learn how to market a service business by identifying if you fall into 10 most common pitfalls, and then learning how to avoid them to grow your success.
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You'll create strategies to market and grow a service business
You'll find out the common pitfalls that you must avoid
You'll get fresh ideas on marketing a service business
You'll reevaluate your current business strategy

"Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself," said Eleanor Roosevelt. And I couldn't say anything against that. If you're running any private business or service, or if you wish to go out in that field on your own, it's a good idea to study the most common mistakes people make. Many service providers struggle with getting their first clients as much as with retaining them. We can't blame them blindly: most of the time, they only need more practical knowledge from someone with experience and who knows how to market a service. And that's what you're here for. Let's learn what pitfalls you want to avoid in your way to success!

Why is it so important to learn how to market a service?

Many beginner business owners imagine that competing on price is the best method, if not the only, to beat the competition. This may work for some time, but it won't take long before they learn that this strategy alone cannot help them sustain a healthy business. They'll find themselves spending more time on figuring out how to pay the bills than planning business growth. That's why they need better service marketing strategies and learn how to market a service business.

Although this course covers the fundamentals that apply to any service or business, it's particularly useful to complementary therapists, yoga instructors, behavioral therapists, consultants, and similar service providers. I'm going to share a refined collection of tried and tested strategies on how to market a service. These have helped me and many others to grow their businesses.

What are you going to look at in this course?

This course, my dear, is going to revolve around the ten most common pitfalls in private practice that you should avoid while learning how to grow a service business. All the while, I'll be sharing tips on building your client base. Here's what we'll talk about in each lesson:

  1. Operating a business like a charity
  2. Doubting yourself or your knowledge and skills in a particular area
  3. Being just like anybody else
  4. Doing business like an amateur
  5. Failing to use the power of networking
  6. Spending your hard-earned money on advertising instead of building relationships
  7. Letting clients and customers slip away (which happens even for the best of us)
  8. Keeping a low profile
  9. Putting all the eggs into one basket
  10. Loving, then leaving your clients and referrers 

So these are the pitfalls we'll discuss to help you learn how to market your business with better service marketing strategies. We'll look into some ideas to keep them fresh all the time.

Learn how you can do things better

I'm quite a busy person, but I love teaching people how to grow a service business. Join the course to learn how to market a service business so that people choose you over competitors. If my course brings value to you, please spread the word about my classes and leave a review on the course. Without further ado, enroll in, and let's proceed to Session 1!

How to market a service? Avoid 10 common pitfalls
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