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How to Make Money With Unity by Applying Monetization Strategies

Learn how to make money with Unity: monetize games, sell assets, and earn money!
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Different monetizing approaches based on your skills around Unity
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Do you have a killer idea that would translate as a game perfectly? Great! You can take advantage of the Unity Game Engine that provides the foundation for your gaming application. However, the next step is thinking about how to make money with Unity and the game you intend to build. For instance, the mobile game monetization is a frequent topic, with mobile app developers choosing specific strategies to earn money. This course aims to prepare you for monetizing games that you have created with Unity. I will explain how to put ads in Unity games or how you can sell your assets via Asset Store. 

Monetization strategies of games

Video game monetization is the process that many game developers use to make a profit. One of the dominant strategies is to place third-party advertisements into games. For instance, the majority of instances of mobile game monetization include ads that earn the game publishers money with every click or every time the ad is viewed.

If you have spent your fair share of time playing mobile games, you already know the leading strategies. Most of them can be applied when learning how to make money with Unity. The first one is for receiving revenue from non-paying users. Imagine you are playing a game, and you have three little hearts that represent your life. 

Once these lives are up, you have to pay five minutes for them to reload. However, for watching an ad, the user can get an additional heart. This is one of the most straightforward strategies of how you make money with Unity. 

Another option for making profits is in-app purchases. Let’s say that during the game, you collect armor, weapons, and upgrade them to make your character stronger. However, an in-app might offer some non-essential objects such as fancy outfits or buffs. While this strategy of how to make money with Unity is not new, it is still very relevant. 

Selling assets on Unity

Many people ask: how to sell assets on Unity? Once you have a product (it might be a 3D model, editor extension, audio, video, or any other content), you can submit it to the Asset Store of Unity. After the submission is reviewed, Unity will make you an offer to purchase the project. Additionally, Unity will pay you 70% of the final price every time your product is sold. That's one of the possible ways for how to make money with Unity.

However, a better question is not how to sell assets on Unity, but is it worth it? Game development is risky: your beloved game might fail to attract users. Selling assets on Unity is more stable. You can produce 3D models of characters or other separate objects and sell them without having to produce the entire game.

What will you find in this course?

In this course on how to make money with Unity, I will introduce you to various strategies for monetizing games. I will talk about the mind set that you should have for successful monetization. Additionally, I will go deeper into the monetization of assets, earning money with freelancing. Finally, I will talk about how to put ads in Unity games, about in-game purchases, and their importance when aiming to make a profit. 

How to Make Money With Unity by Applying Monetization Strategies
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