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How to make an Android game with Unity and C# – Beginners’ course

Learn how to make an Android game with Unity and develop the skills that can be used in a wide variety of applications.
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You will create your own 3D Android game
You'll learn and use the essential C# concepts for Android game development
You'll gain skills for game development that can be transferred to many other industries (film, automotive, architecture, etc.)
You'll get ready to make your game public!

Do you think the time has come to learn to develop a 3D Android game? Yes, let’s do it! Do you think it’s possible to learn how to make an Android game in 4 hours? I’ll prove that you can do that in such a short time. Take this Unity Android game tutorial and learn how to make an Android game with Unity and C#. Add a powerful tool to your skill set and increase your value in the current job market. Finally, if it wasn’t fun, you wouldn’t probably consider creating a game yourself, so let’s have some fun!

Why should you learn how to make an Android game with Unity?

First of all, Unity is more than an Android game engine. Its primary purpose is creating two and three-dimensional games, virtual reality, and augmented reality games. Yet, it’s also used in generating various simulations. Unity has been adopted by other industries, such as film, automotive, construction and engineering, and architecture. Unity game development is not limited to Android OS but currently supports more than 25 other platforms. So, that’s merely scratching the surface of the whole spectrum of the possibilities that you can advance to. But first, learn how to make an Android game with Unity in this course!

When you browse job listings, you’ll see plenty of entries for Unity developers. So it’s definitely worth the time and effort to go deep into learning this amazing tool. Start with Unity Android game development and see where it takes you in a couple of years!

What are you going to learn in this Unity Android game tutorial?

Your main achievement will be developing a strong understanding of the concept that lies at the foundation of Android game development. You’ll create a 3D Android game ZigZag using the basics of Unity and C# scripting. Finally, your game will appear on Google Play, ready to be downloaded by the unlimited audience of users!

Let’s have a look at the main topics that we’ll cover along the way learning how to make an Android game with Unity:

  • We’ll first take care of setting up the Unity Android game building environment and start building a 3D Android game right from the beginning.
  • You’ll figure out how to program the ball controls, platform behavior, and add other game elements.
  • You’ll invent game events and particle effects.
  • You’ll create a UI manager and add text animations.
  • You’ll learn to script the UI manager using C#.
  • You’ll also add the Game Over menu, the score manager.
  • You’ll create the game manager and control the whole game.
  • Finally, I’ll share the important tips of publishing your game to Android users.
Are you ready to enroll in this Unity Android game tutorial?

If you have some experience with any programming language, you’re good to go ahead with this course! A basic understanding of Unity will also be helpful to move along faster. I expect you to have a burning desire to learn how to make an Android game with Unity. The last item is the most necessary to become a great student of Android Unity game development! Join in to get started!

How to make an Android game with Unity and C# – Beginners’ course
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